Grade 6 students feel unhappy just sitting and eating grilled meat The teacher secretly took a picture and posted it. “This will not end well.”

Grade 6 students feel unhappy just sitting and eating grilled meat The teacher secretly took a picture and posted it. “This story will not end well,” despite correctly asking permission to leave the school.

(December 1, 2022) Grade 6 students at a school in Nang Rong District posted a message of dissatisfaction through their own Facebook page. about the actions of the councilor who secretly took photos while eating grilled meat in a restaurant and then took the photo to post with the message that “This story will not end well” caused netizens to criticize each other from many angles. Most of them accused teachers of doing inappropriate things. Because outside school hours

The reporter traveled to the school. Having found a boarding school in Nang Rong District, Mr. Kong (pseudonym), Grade 6 student pictured. He said he had previously requested graduation documents. in order to take it to further study He has applied for permission. Leaving school to stay with friends is absolutely right. But instead he has his own picture posted online, something he doesn’t catch, but comes to be fascinated by the message “This story won’t end well,” and has that he admitted that he thinks a lot. because they will have to rely on the school to ask for other documents to complete many items he admitted that he is offended by the teacher’s actions because he only eats roast beef It does not include any alcoholic beverages

As for Teacher Ae (the name is assumed), the homeroom teacher came out and said that At first I thought the children would go in the morning and then come back in the evening. or if coming back, picking up at the bus station But the child said he would ask to stay 1 night and said he could go and stay at a relative’s house. But the child said that the room was opened. I had a teacher friend go out to eat grilled meat. then draw a picture and say “Is he a boarding boy?” and then he explained to him. We talked normally. At night, I sent him the picture. Still pressing the laugh symbol again He said if he came back after noon, he would send the personnel department. But he admitted that he made a mistake when taking the picture to the story. He might be offended, like taking it to a dish like that. With concern, he did so unintentionally. I want the children to know where they are going, the teacher knows everything. On the other hand, teachers are short-tempered to make decisions without thinking about the children’s thoughts. But all of them have adjusted their understanding.

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