Graduation from Sweets and Juices “Finally realized in my 10th year” The former guardian deity of the falcon decided to lose weight | Full Account

The current pressure “I can’t say it!”

If you don’t throw away the sweetness, you can’t beat yourself or your opponent. It is a decided weight loss for the year of the game. Softbank pitcher Yuito Mori released his voluntary training on the 14th at Ikimemori Sports Park in Miyazaki City. Because of the initial conversion, he was able to go on a diet, saying, “I’ve lost about 8 kg since my MAX time. I’ll keep it here and drop it again.”

The first thing I did was improve my eating habits. “I haven’t eaten juice or sweets for about half a year,” he said, revealing that he had already started to improve since last season. Shiromai also explains in detail, “I eat breakfast and lunch. I try not to eat at night.” Even in the voluntary training exhibition on this day, he was moving his body vigorously, showing a streak that young players could not beat. I thought it would be days to fight against temptation, but “I am also a professional.

He didn’t reveal his current weight, saying, “I can’t tell!”, but compared to his past self, he said, “Around the third or fourth year, when my body was in good shape .” In 2017, the fourth year, he reached 60 games (64 games) for the first time in his career. He contributed to the team’s league championship, but brought it to the state close that year with a thorough weight loss. It is said that he also increases the amount of running, and even for the spring camp, “I want to lose about 3 kilos. Or rather, I think I will lose it.” It is proof that he controls his eating habits and trains hard.

“Whether you’re pitching or running, I think you can move with a good feel. I think that’s the best thing.”

Ace Kodai Senga left the team by exercising FA rights overseas, but the starting line-up is substantial. Kyoya Higashihama, Shuta Ishikawa, and Teruya Fujii will also switch to the starting lineup. Pitcher Kohei Arihara, who became a free agent for the 3A Rangers, also won, and spring training camp is a battle to appeal to the leaders.

Already he entered the bullpen four times in self-training in Miyazaki. Towards the start of a turnover, we make adjustments so that the number of balls in one bullpen pitch can be accumulated, rather than the “number of times” the bullpen is also included. Mori said, “I will definitely throw more than 100 balls in the first course. ) or something like that.

I just celebrated my 31st birthday on the 9th. “I think this season will be the key to my baseball career,” he said with a burning, lean expression.

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