Grammy Platinum Producer Howard Benson’s Vocal Multiplier is released

Grammy Platinum Producer Howard Benson’s Vocal Multiplier is released

Joey Sturgis Tones (JST) releases the Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier vocal generation plug-in in collaboration with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum selling record producer Howard Benson.

Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier is an all-in-one tool that quickly turns one monophonic voice into hundreds in seconds, producing choral voices so realistic it’s as if you’ve recorded hundreds of them as a Soundtrack. At the same time, through the control parameters of INSANE, these voices can be layered through saturation, compression, reverberation, delay and other effects. Of course, in addition to vocals, it is also suitable for processing musical instruments.

The plug-in’s advanced vocal algorithm generation engine is based on Joey and Howard’s unique sample-and-hold algorithm, which can turn the audio source into multiple realistic copies, and can make different pitch and duration changes, just like recording vocals plural in the real world Same as the second voice. Voices can be tightly locked together or modulated to very extreme results.

Features of Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier:

  • Advanced phonetic multiplication engine.
  • Pitch modulation/time control.
  • low frequency generator.
  • Better post-processing (saturation, delay, reverb, etc.).

On sale for $89, $59 until December 5, 2022.

The official website can also download the demo version experience:

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