“Grand Theft Auto 5” online mode special cargo sales task double reward “Grand Theft Auto 5”

“Grand Theft Auto 5” online mode special cargo sales missions double rewards, plus all stunt racing and air racing triple rewards, and more, let the player’s adrenaline soar through the sky!

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It’s not enough to make money and make a living. Of course, you make a lot of money. Has your warehouse been jammed with inventory and contraband items that are difficult to handle? Now is the best time to clear the inventory: from now until October 13th, all special goods sales missions will offer double GTA game currency and reputation points.

Use the “Ihuo Ke” laptop in the warehouse to select the quantity of goods you want to sell by land, sea, air and other transportation methods. Everything is up to you, good luck.

Air racing and stunt racing triple the GTA game currency and reputation value

The current form of competition is really diverse: sometimes you may collide with other cars in mid-air and sparks; sometimes you have to drive a flying vehicle to perform needle-and-thread stunts, sometimes under the bridge, sometimes flying into the sky, and losing The roads and remote roads of the sacred capital are stepped on the soles of the feet and shuttle among the mountains. In any case, participating in the thrilling aerial racing and stunt racing this week will get triple rewards.

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“Step by step” Double GTA game currency and reputation value

We re-launched several modes that are beloved by players last week, including “violent bumper cars”, “keep the pace”, “offensive and defensive”, and “step by step”. This week, we launched a special event for “Step by Step”. Players who have the courage to accept the harsh test of “Step by Step” can get double rewards: while collecting and delivering packages, they must also try to avoid the rain of bullets from the sky. To win the final victory in this mode, what you need is lightning-fast reactions and the ability to quickly find cover.

In addition, “Step by Step” and all other modes will be removed in rotation on October 21, so please make sure to seize the time to play again.

Boss work and challenge double GTA game currency and reputation value

Not all corporate executives are unappealing. Some of them also roll up the sleeves of that expensive casual jacket and handle some dirty work with their own hands. If you are such a person, you will be very happy to hear this news. If you complete any boss tasks and challenges this week, you will get double GTA game currency and reputation.

Want to participate in white-collar crime? Open the interactive menu, go to “Bodyguard Office”, and select any available boss/CEO job task.

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Car gather prize vehicles and challenges

For the tireless Los Santos car gathering members, as long as they get the top two in the Los Santos car gathering series for 6 consecutive days, they will get a Carlin Kelico GTF for you to modify.

Go to the test drive track to try out the performance of the First Roarer, the Wipe Roadmaster GTT and the Dinka RT3000

If you want to buy a new premium car, I suggest you take a trip to the test drive track of Los Santos: This week you can test the performance of the First Roarer, Weipi Roadmaster GTT and Dinka RT3000, like It’s the extreme speed on the spray paint track and the time challenge, or it’s a friendly match after scrambling.

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Vehicles on stage this week: Nebula Turbo

This week, remember to play in the lobby of the “Diamond Casino Resort”, and you will have a chance to win GTA game coins, prestige points, snacks and various mysterious prizes. The vehicle on stage this week is the Nebula Turbo: this 70s coupe has a square appearance and rigid lines, which fully meets your expectations for a retro European sports car. That said, if this car could talk, its accent would definitely be too heavy.


You are definitely worth a better car than the standard car displayed in the car dealer’s showroom. Hurry up to take advantage of the discount and go to Barney’s workshop to modify your car: the hydraulic device is fully half-price.

Players who want to engage in the illegal businesses mentioned above can expand their real estate as needed: 40% off for offices and 15% off for special cargo warehouses in the next seven days. As smart as you, don’t forget to take advantage of discounts on various vehicles this week:

  • 30% off Carlin King / King RS

  • 30% off absolutely voodoo / voodoo modification

  • 25% off special cargo warehouse

  • 40% off office

  • Nanaore Ranbo Tatsushi Komoda

  • 40% off Whirlwind Brawler

  • 30% off Truffiniro / Nile Modification

Prime Gaming rewards and benefits

GTA online players who have successfully linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA game coins by logging in and playing this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming members can also enjoy exclusive discounts, including a 35% discount for Dinka RT3000, and a 35% discount for Lampada Tijias until October 20.



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