Granddaughter, grade 5 student, saves money, sells toast Save money to buy a ring for Grandma.

Grade 5 children save money by selling toast. buy a gold ring for grandma The owner of the shop appreciates and gives a discount. The mother reveals that the son is diligent, likes to trade, and is extremely grateful.

On February 7, 2023, Ms Natchanan Sributdee, the owner of the gold shop Iam Charoen, Sankhaburi District, Chainat Province, the owner of the post Nong Ice An 11-year-old boy who asked to buy a gold ring He said he would bring it to Grandma and Grandpa . Until people came to comment on the young man’s gratitude and economy. This incident happened on February 5th. Little Ice came with her mother. He said he would come and buy gold rings for grandpa and grandma, each of them.

Nong Ice has about 4,700 baht in money, so the store recommends that if you buy 2 rings, you will get a ring that is too thin. Therefore, it is recommended to buy band 1 first. Nong Ice agrees. The total price of the ring is 4,500 baht. So I reduced another 200 baht to 4,300 baht so that Nong Ice could give it to her grandmother as she wished.

Nong Ice’s mother revealed that Nong Ice, 11 years old this year, is studying grade 5, practices hard work, likes trading and loves filial piety with his family. Nong Ice will sell food items that are popular with children and friends. Including toast, bread spread with jam, and various sweet drinks. Bought for mothers, grandmothers and people in the house on various important occasions. You can see from the pictures in the past that you want a sofa. The younger brother broke the piggy bank and bought it for himself admirably.

Source: Matichon Online

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