Grandmother who lived 35 years of ‘fossilized fetus’


The story of a grandmother who carried a mummified fetus in her body for 35 years is revealed and attracts attention.

On the 26th, the British daily The Sun introduced a computed tomography (CT scan) image of a 73-year-old woman from a medical room in Skikda, eastern Algeria.

The old man, who had been living well without any abnormal symptoms, found an unexpected fact while visiting the hospital with abdominal pain.

A ‘seok fetus’ weighing more than 2 kg was found on a CT scan.

A fetus that has died in the womb is mummified by hardening in the body without being discharged out of the womb or melted.


The woman was found to have been carrying a calcified fetus for 35 years after miscarriage of a 7-month-old child when she was young. Nevertheless, he has lived a normal life without feeling any abnormality in his body. An official from a medical group explained, “(Seok Tae-ah) has no symptoms, so most people do not take any action.”

According to the Royal Journal of Medical Sciences in the UK, there are only 290 cases of stone fetuses recorded in the medical literature, which is a rare phenomenon. In 2009, a stone fetus was discovered in the body of a 92-year-old Chinese woman.

Park Tae-geun, reporter for [email protected]


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