Gravity Celebrates 1st Anniversary of ‘Ragnarok Arena’ Mobile Game with Exciting Update and Special Events

Gravity, a prominent global game company, recently held a press conference on the 26th to mark the momentous one-year anniversary of their highly successful mobile strategy role-playing game ‘Ragnarok Arena’.

In this special anniversary update, Gravity introduced an exciting new addition to the game: the fearsome ‘Stalker Gerty’ monster. As a formidable dark element tank, this menacing creature possesses the unique ability to deceive enemies, as well as protect and attack allies. With its primary skill, ‘Death’s Dazzle’, Stalker Gerty inflicts physical damage while simultaneously slowing down the movement of opponents. Furthermore, it can pull in the farthest enemy and stun them. Additionally, the utility skill ‘Dark Barrier’ enhances the survival rate of allies by recovering stamina based on a percentage of the damage dealt by a teammate, while also reducing the probability of critical damage.

Moreover, players will be thrilled to discover the inclusion of two new Soul Tree skills. The first, aptly named ‘Moment of Darkness’, empowers allies by increasing their skill point recovery rate, while also subtracting skill points from enemies. The second skill, ‘Seed of Faith’, acts as a shield by diminishing certain types of damage and replenishing skill points.

To celebrate this monumental first anniversary, Gravity has prepared an array of exciting events brimming with unparalleled benefits. During the period between September 26th and October 3rd, players can enjoy double rewards during auto search. Additionally, a unique ‘special drop event’ will provide players with the opportunity to acquire 1st anniversary coins and old tree branches. Furthermore, the much-anticipated ‘1st Anniversary Coin Shop Event’, taking place from September 26th to October 4th, offers exclusive items such as 1st anniversary profile borders, headgear, and colorful porings. Players can also indulge in abundant rewards through the exciting ‘new monster growth event’ and the captivating ‘summoning event’.

Furthermore, the official lounge is extending a warm welcome with its festivities, featuring events such as ‘1st! until October 3rd. Celebrate our Happy 1st Birthday!’, as well as ‘1st! Guess the answer!’ Four engaging community events have been organized to commemorate the prestigious 1st anniversary of the game’s launch. To top it off, on September 26th, players will have the opportunity to redeem a valuable 1st anniversary coupon via the official KakaoTalk channel, which can be exchanged for a card pack selection box, 1st anniversary coins, and more.

For a comprehensive overview of all the exciting updates and events in honor of the 1st anniversary of the Ragnarok Arena launch, we encourage readers to visit the official lounge for more detailed information.

Gravity, a global game company, held an update on the 26th to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the launch of the mobile SRPG ‘Ragnarok Arena’.

In this launch anniversary update, a new monster, ‘Stalker Gerty’, has been added. As a dark element tank, it has the ability to deceive the enemy and then attack and defend allies. In particular, the main skill, ‘Death’s Dazzle’, deals physical damage and slows movement speed, while also pulling in the furthest enemy and causing a stun. The utility skill ‘Dark Barrier’ can recover stamina equal to a certain percentage of the damage dealt by an ally and increase the survivability of allies by reducing the chance of critical damage.

In addition, two new Soul Tree skills have been added, including ‘Moment of Darkness’, which has the effect of increasing the skill point recovery of allies and deducting skill points from enemies, and ‘Seed of Faith’, which has the effect of reducing certain damage and regaining skill points.

To commemorate the first anniversary of its launch, Gravity has prepared an event full of abundant benefits. Firstly, you can get double rewards during auto search between September 26th and October 3rd, and you can get 1st anniversary coins and old tree branches through a ‘special drop event’. Between September 26th and October 4th, the ‘1st Anniversary Coin Shop Event’ will be held where you can get 1st anniversary profile borders, headgear, colorful porings, etc. In addition, various rewards are given through a ‘new monster growth event’ and a ‘summoning event’.

The official lounge offers ‘1st!’ until October 3rd. Happy 1st Birthday!’, ‘1st! Guess the answer!’ We are holding four community events to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the launch. In addition, on September 26th, a 1st anniversary coupon that can be used to get a card pack selection box, 1st anniversary coin, etc. will be provided through the official KakaoTalk channel.

For more detailed information about the update commemorating the 1st anniversary of the Ragnarok Arena launch, visit the official lounge.

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