Great events coming The International Dragon Boat Race is coming back after 4 years

International Dragon Boat Race

After Hong Kong returned to normal, there were waves of great events! The giant yellow rubber duck, which has been away for 10 years, has visited Hong Kong again. From tomorrow, it will be on display with its companions in Victoria Harbour, which is opposite Tamar Park in the Admiralty. In addition, the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Invitational Race will be held on the weekend immediately after the Dragon Boat Festival, and the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Championship” will be added and bonuses will be distributed to the winning teams. for the first time. The Tourism Board said it was the first international sporting event after customs clearance, and that it hoped to inject more elements from the Greater Bay Area into future sporting events.

The Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Invitational Race, which has been postponed due to anti-revision incidents and the epidemic in the past four years, will be held on the 24th and 25th of this month at East Tsim Quay Sha Tsui. There will be 17 events in this year’s competition, and more than 160 teams will take part. They come from 10 countries and regions, including Dubai, Japan and Poland, who took part for the first time, and will Australia, Thailand and the Philippines also send national teams to participate. In order to encourage the active participation of overseas dragon boat teams, the HKTB also provides prize money for the first time for the International Championships, International Open Gold Cup, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Championships, Hong Kong and Hong Kong Championships Kong – Macau Cup The champion team will receive a bonus of US$10,000.Up to HK$1 million.

Cheng Dingyi, Director General of the HKTB, said that this is the first international sports event of the HKTB after Hong Kong’s full customs clearance, and a special “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Championship” will invite Macau and 9 other cities in the Greater Bay to come to Hong Kong Compete with the Hong Kong team. The HKTB is also co-organizing the “Hong Kong-Macau Cup” with Macau for the first time this year. There will be 6 teams from the mainland, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Macau and Hong Kong. It is hope to promote exchanges between cities in the Greater Bay Area and expand Hong Kong and Macau The “connected travel” market, promote “one-trip multi-destination” tourism, and the future can inject more elements from the Bay Area Greater for sporting events, strengthening cooperation between various cities, enriching the travel experience for tourists, and establishing tourism in the Greater Bay Area brand.


Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race

Meaning: 國際龍舟賽

International Dragon Boat Race

Hong Kong is set to host the 2027 World Dragon Boat Championships

Li Jianhao, the captain of the Hong Kong dragon boat team, is excited to be able to participate in major events again. He said that the Hong Kong team continued to prepare for the competition at the end of last year, and the training intensity has returned to the level pre-epidemic. Du Peiqi, captain of the women’s team who will also take part in the Dragon Boat Invitational Race, believes it is very rare to be able to return to Tsim Sha Tsui East. She hopes citizens and tourists can watch’ n close and cheering the athletes. Chung Chi-lok, secretary general of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association, revealed that some foreign teams had inquired whether an invitational race would be held this year before accepting registration. As for the World Dragon Boat Championships, which was originally supposed to be held by Hong Kong, it was finally moved to Thailand in August this year due to strict epidemic prevention in Hong Kong. He admitted that a shame for Hong Kong. Hong Kong has applied to the International Dragon Boat Federation to host the event, and I believe Hong Kong is expected to host the 2027 World Dragon Boat Championships. In order to attract more citizens and tourists to participate, the HKTB will place LINE FRIENDS cartoon character installations in the form of dragon boat racers on the Avenue of Stars for two consecutive weeks starting from the 19th of this month for citizens to take photos as souvenirs. . In addition, many restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui East are offering 25% off dine-in discounts, buy one get one free beer, etc. for 4 consecutive days from the day of the Dragon Boat Festival (22nd) to the last day the Dragon. Boat Invitational Race (25th).

Hong Kong has hosted many grand events since the beginning of the year. Cheng Dingyi said that these events have attracted many tourists. He hopes that the Dragon Boat Invitational Race will attract more tourists to participate in Hong Kong. , and at the same time improve the popularity of Hong Kong. He also said that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong in the first five months of this year has exceeded the 10 million mark, which is more than 40% of the average number of tourists visiting Hong Kong between 2017 and 2019, and he hopes to continue the good momentum. However, he admitted that it will take some time for the number of long-haul passengers to gradually recover, and the reception capacity of Hong Kong airports, travel agencies, hotels, etc. needs to be further improved. it is still maintaining the forecast of 26 million passengers for the whole year this year, and is in no rush to recover to 2017 or 2017. peak levels in 2018.

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