Great reversal… Yesterday (3rd), the ending of ‘Clothes Sleeve’, everyone who saw it shouted (video)

The unexpected ending scene in MBC’s ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ received a hot reaction.

On the 3rd episode of MBC’s ‘Red Sleeves’, Lee San (Lee Jun-ho) was depicted angry at the court lady Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) who pushed her away.

Lee San, who had Deok-im in his heart, happened to meet his older brother (Yang Byung-yeol) on the author’s street and witnessed Deok-im and became jealous.

Lee San, who met Deok-im, who came to run an errand late at night, asked, “Did you come to see me?” Deok-im asked, “I just came on an errand. I didn’t know you were here. What are you thinking?”

Below is MBC’s ‘Red end of the sleeves’

Lee San expressed his heart directly, saying, “I’m thinking of you.” Approaching Deok-im with an angry face, he said, “I thought I knew you. But that was the first time I had that thought. Maybe I don’t know anything about you. Tell me. Are you mine? Then, is everything about you mine? Your thoughts, your will. , is it all mine?” he asked.

Deok-im replied, “The court lady also has her own will and heart. Although she is a low-level person, everything is not her.” Lee San said, “It’s not even funny,” and approached Deok-im.

Lee San, who wiped Deok-im’s cheek with a tender hand, immediately grabbed the nape of Deok-im’s neck with her hand and surprised the viewers with her sudden action.

The unexpected development made viewers “stuffed”, “Today’s ending was the best”, “I thought we were kissing… A great reversal”, “Is holding your neck so sexy”, “The directing and acting of this scene are all really great” , “Both of them have great facial expressions”, “Please smoke a little more”, “The ending of this episode is the best”, etc.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ broke the double-digit ratings on the 3rd and is gaining great popularity. Episode 7, aired on the 3rd, recorded a nationwide audience rating of 10.7% (based on Nielsen Korea) and took first place in the same time slot.

Naver TV, MBC ‘Red end of sleeves’



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