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Doha: With the collapse of Argentina, Saudi Arabia coach Hervé Renaud was searched by many people on social media. Born in 1968 in Aix-le-Bains, France, Renaud was a star for 15 years. The French team also played in Cannes, Stade de Valerois, SC. He also played for Draguyan clubs. After retirement, he became a cleaner. A cleaning company was also started in Draguyan.

Zambia’s coaching career began. Zambia reached the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. He resigned after seven months. Returned in 2011.

The following year they were crowned African Cup of Nations champions. In 2013, he became the coach of the French club Sossus. He was soon invited to coach Ivory Coast. In 2015, he was the first coach to win the African Cup of Nations for two countries. He became coach of French club Lille but resigned after 13 games. He then became the coach of Morocco. He coached Morocco in the World Cup 2018. Morocco played in the World Cup for the first time since 1998.

The following year, he resigned after failing to score in the Africa Cup of Nations. Saudi became a coach after that. The team won 18 games.

The secret of success is that Renaud’s instructions to put Messi under pressure were carried out accordingly. Due to defensive discipline, Lautero Martinez was caught in the offside trap several times.

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