Great trick. Yellow label “discount” like this. Tears will flow.

We all have to lose products. “discount” see the word “discount” productpromotion They almost ran into each other. because it feels worthwhile to get the producteconomical price But many times the arrangementpromotionThe price reduction is onlymarketingonly, whether it’s buy 1 get 1 free, 50 % discount or even the whole productyellow label

Date 15 July 2022 facebook page consumers haveshareuser picturesFacebookOne went shopping. “discount” by specifying the caption that “Yellow sign” while shopping I came across a hot pan with a yellow sign, a sign of a flash sale. as a message “Discount to clear the stock 494 baht”

but with doubts about the product “discount” This piece, the said customer, was unpacked.yellow labelExit, open to see the white label, which is the normal selling price and how much it sells When I saw the actual price, I was stunned, unable to speak at all. Because the normal selling price is only 345 baht, so I took photos to share my experience with friends. social peoplewatch

After the image has been revealed to the public social peopleLeave a lot of comments, for example, saying that you have had experiences like this, the price is more expensive than the actual price, but with other types of products Some people sayyellow labelThe price is the same as the white label. “discount” Where is it?yellow labelmust look good

Picture of a yellow label product from the page.

Social people comment on the page.

Social people comment on the page.

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