Great victory!Ningbo United: Net profit of about 343 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2020, an increase of 528.04% year-on-year

Original title: Great Victory! Ningbo United: Net profit in the first three quarters of 2020 is about 343 million yuan, an increase of 528.04% year-on-year

  Ningbo United(SH 600051, closing price: 10.03 yuan) The third quarter will be released on the evening of October 26PerformanceannouncementSaid that the revenue in the first three quarters of 2020 will be approximately 3.439 billion yuan,YoYAn increase of 33.35%;Net profitAbout 343 million yuan, an increase of 528.04% year-on-year; basicEarnings per share1.104 yuan, an increase of 527.27% year-on-year.

The 2019 annual report shows thatNingbo UnitedThe main business is trading,ProductHousing, electricity, and heating accounted for 60.1%, 20.32%, and 12.06% of revenue respectively.

  Ningbo UnitedofdirectorLong isLi Shuirong, Male, 64 years old, Chinese nationality, no permanent right of abode, seniorEconomist, College degree, concurrently serving as a member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People’s Congress, China Chemical FiberindustryVice President of the Association, Zhejiang Sci-Tech Universitypart timeprofessor, Zhejiang Gongshang University Graduate Practical Instructor, Xiaoshan District Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice President, Xiaoshan DistrictenterprisecreditDirector of the Promotion Association and other positions.Ningbo UnitedPresidentIt is Wang Weihe, male, 67 years old, graduated from Shanghai Tongji University Technical Economics andmanagementProfessional and doctorate.

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