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Greece adds 2,313 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, government encourages people to be vaccinated | vaccine | Greece | new crown pneumonia

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Original title: Greece adds 2,313 new confirmed cases of new crown, government encourages people to be vaccinated Source: Chinanews.com

Chinanews, October 17th. According to the Greek “China Greek Times” report, on the 16th local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that there were 2,313 new confirmed cases of new crowns in Greece in the past 24 hours, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 692,197; There were 30 deaths and a total of 15,348 deaths.

According to reports, in response to the issue of vaccination, the Secretary-General of Primary Care of the Ministry of Health of Greece, Himistocles, said, “We found that some citizens were hesitant about vaccination. We tried to communicate with them and persuade them to vaccinate. We. It was found that among young people, the vaccination rate is lower.”

Due to the unsatisfactory vaccination process, some scientists predict that between 2,500 and 3,000 people will die from the new crown before Christmas.

In response, Simistokes responded, “I do not agree with this view. They did not take into account many unpredictable factors. This year’s vaccination rate has increased compared with last year, which will directly affect our daily routine. Life and epidemic situation. In addition, the third booster vaccination is also being gradually carried out.”

Regarding the issue of whether the government should introduce incentive policies to encourage vaccination, Simistokes said, “Maybe vigorous publicity can inspire everyone to get vaccinated, and we will try our best to persuade those who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated.” He also said, “ We have introduced some incentive policies for young people.”

Talking about the progress of the third dose of vaccination, Semistokes said, “We have gradually started the third dose of vaccination. People who are more than 50 years old can be vaccinated (completely) six times. The third dose of vaccine will be vaccinated a month later.” He revealed that currently about 190,000 Greeks have received the third dose of vaccine.

As for whether citizens will be required to be vaccinated, Simistokes said, “The situation is always changing, and we will make decisions based on the actual situation. But we don’t want to force everyone to be vaccinated.”

When talking about the progress in the field of antiviral drugs, Simistokes said, “Some companies have announced that they will have such drugs. Although these drugs can help some people to some extent, they cannot solve the fundamental problem. The problem, they are not the key to fighting the epidemic.”

When talking about the policy of giving citizens who have completed the vaccination full freedom of movement, his view is, “So far, this measure has been implemented very well. The situation is dynamic, and if the situation changes, we will change according to the actual situation. Decision. We can see that European countries with higher vaccination rates have lifted restrictions.” (Tan Shuyin)


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