Green Asadaphon reveals the truth behind her mysterious companion by the river

“Green Asadaphon” Opens Up About Her Mysterious Companion

Life seems to be looking up for the female heroine, “Green Asadaphon.” After announcing her single status and putting an end to her love affair with an ex-boyfriend, she embarked on a journey to study a language in Korea. During her time there, she posted a photo with a mysterious man, their backs facing the view of Han River. This sparked speculations among netizens, especially because the man’s face was covered with a sticker. Could he be her new girlfriend?

Recently, Green appeared on the talk show “Khai Zap Show” on Channel One 31, where she shed some light on this topic. The show was hosted by Tanya Thanyaret and Chompoo, and it provided a platform for Green to discuss her current situation.

Green’s Encounter with the Mysterious Young Man

Korean language studies and the future

Host: So, Green, why did you go to study Korean?

Green: I wanted to learn Korean. But I have to come back to earn money first.

Host: Have you become fluent in the language?

Green: I have learned the basics, but I am still at a beginner level.

Host: What about the young man you were seen with by the Han River? Is he your boyfriend?

Green: We are just friends.

Host: Is he Thai or Korean?

Green: He is 100% Korean.

Host: How did you two meet?

Green: We met through Thai friends while we were abroad. It was easy to connect since we both speak Thai. He even invited me to dine with his Korean friends.

Clarifying the Relationship

Host: Did he show any romantic interest in you?

Green: No, I don’t think so.

Host: Did your friends play matchmakers between you two?

Green: No, they introduced us as we were both single. It was more of a friendly get-together. Some of my friends are also single, just like me. I was curious about Korean relationships and wanted to hear their perspective.

Future Prospects and Compatibility

Host: Can you see a potential romantic relationship with him in the future?

Green: I honestly don’t know.

Host: What were you doing by the river that day?

Green: We were taking pictures. The young man suggested that we sit together since I am older. We had a great time capturing the moment.

Host: Do you have a preference for Korean guys?

Green: He is a lovely person who can speak Thai. It makes me feel comfortable because my Korean is not fluent yet. He showed great care and took care of everyone during our time together.

Keeping the Relationship Private

Host: Is the young man who accompanied you to the airport the same person?

Green: Yes, he is. The sticker was placed on his face to maintain his privacy. He is just an ordinary person who may not be used to being in the public eye.

Host: Is he physically attractive?

Green: He has the typical Korean look without any enhancements.

Uncertain of the Future

Host: Is this relationship just a friendship or could it develop into something more?

Green: It’s hard to say at this point.

Host: Will you continue to communicate with him?

Green: Yes, we are still talking because I want to continue learning Korean. It’s helpful to have someone to practice with, and he corrects my mistakes.

Host: Are you open to finding a new love interest?

Green: I haven’t closed myself off to the possibility. However, I have yet to meet the right person. And if I were to meet someone who meets my criteria, I would also need to improve my Korean language skills.

Final Thoughts

Green: He’s cute, funny, and he makes me feel comfortable.

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It seems that during this period, the life of the female heroine “Green Asadaporn” will return to happiness again. After announcing that he was single Ending the love scene with an ex-boyfriend a while back After that, he flew to study a language in Korea. In which the green girl posted a photo with a mysterious man Sitting together with their backs facing the view of the Han River In addition, there is a young man who drives him to the airport as well. But that made netizens very suspicious because he put a sticker on the face of this young man. Eh… or will it be a new girlfriend? Recently, Green girl has come to open the door on this story through the talk show on Channel One 31 with Tanya Thanyaret and Chompoo before afternoon as MCs.

“Green Asadaphon” opens his mind after posting a picture of a mysterious young man looking over the river.

Korean scratched heart, what have you done?

Green: Go study Korean.

And do you have to go back?

Green: I want to go back again. but must come back to pump money first

Can you speak the language?

Green: about one But it’s also very basic.

And with the matter now young man river han There, most couples go on dates?

Green: I’m a friend.

Thai or Korean?

Green: 100% authentic Korean people.

And how did you meet?

Green: is to meet Thai people when we are abroad If you meet Thai people, it will be easy to connect with each other. Then he told Pee Green that there will be Korean friends coming over to eat with us. Let’s get together. And he really likes Thailand, he can speak Thai.

Did he flirt with Green?

Green: No, I don’t know, probably not.

friends recommending She’s my friend, Green, she’s single at the moment. Does he recommend this?

Green: No, let’s talk They’re both single, they’re single, which means we recommend getting to know each other. Friends like Pee Green don’t have girlfriends. Harang hyung doesn’t have a boyfriend, and many people don’t. as we speak How do you want Korean love? I mean other people, not me. How should we talk? Just talk for fun, nothing.

Thanks for the clip from the program “Khai Zap Show”

The two are friends now. But can the future develop?

Green: I don’t know.

And what did you do that day sitting by the river?

Green: go take pictures And the youngest said that Green is older, try to sit with Harang. Sit together and take pictures to your heart’s content.

Deep down, do we want a Korean guy?

Green: He is a lovely person who can speak Thai. When we can speak Thai, we feel comfortable. Because we don’t speak Korean very well, when we have it, it’s real Korean. He will take us to eat there. ate here everything and then he did And he was quite attentive to everyone, took care of everyone.

Can it make us smile?

Green: Smiling, I’m laughing because he doesn’t speak Thai very clearly, but he can speak, so there’s a funny angle.

And is the young man who came to the airport the same person?

Green: Yes, the sticker was put on his face. Because Korean people are quite private. I don’t want to open much. He won’t be able to is that he is an ordinary person Maybe he is not used to this.

Good body shape, handsome face?

Green: It’s real Korean style, Korean without doing anything, really Korean.

Thanks for the clip from the program “Khai Zap Show”

good basis?

Green: It’s good.

Showing that Green’s status is still single?

Green: Yes, yes.

Will the future develop or not?

Green: Maybe not this person or someone else, I don’t know either.

Came back to work and pumping money. I don’t know if I’ll go back again Do you have a contact?

Green: We are having a conversation because I want to learn Korean too. And afraid to forget, it’s like talking to him He was speaking in Korean. I answered some Thai, some Korean, and then asked if this was correct. Is it wrong for him to fix it?

Ready for a new love?

Green: I have not closed it, always ready to open. Just haven’t met the right person yet. Or if we assume we meet someone who has our specifications but must learn well

Answer eyes time sparkled. Having a smile makes me feel at home?

Green: Well, he’s cute and funny.

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