Home Entertainment Green Asadaporn, not ready to marry, December, due to a lot of debt, not stuck if they live together first.

Green Asadaporn, not ready to marry, December, due to a lot of debt, not stuck if they live together first.

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Green Asadaporn, not ready to marry, December, due to a lot of debt, not stuck if they live together first.

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It is another couple that has been dating for a long time. Green Asadaporn Siriwatthanakul and Thanwa Suriyachak Many people are excited about when they will get married. The more news came out that the actress went to deposit the eggs, this event, the fans were even more excited.

When they met at the “Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale” event at Center Point Entertainment Studio 3, Soi Lasalle 1, he asked if there would be any good news soon.

Ask about Green’s egg deposit. How do we feel? Dec. : “Actually, Green’s egg deposit story, Green has deposited it for 2 years, then we talked. Because Green is still strong. which is still strong But then it was more complete. He had prepared the event. I felt that it was a good thing (smiles).”

Do we agree? Green : “Actually, Dhanwa is the one who introduced us.”

Dhanwa: “Yes, I’m the one who suggested it. because I feel that we deposit eggs at full age it could be better because we don’t know when we are ready And we still have many goals that we are still working on together. we felt still not sure when to be ready Let’s deposit the eggs first.”

So our wedding plans are going to be long? Dhanwa: (turns to look at Green)

Green: “Why are you looking at me (laughs)?”

December: “Now I think Different people have many responsibilities. Well, he has debts at home. And there are many things that need to be cleared first. We have our goals. in business I want to focus on this first.”

The news said that next year we will get married? Dhanwa: “We don’t feel anything serious. because we already know that we are still working here Next year we still have drama. There are many jobs in the industry. We feel like we’re not that ready right now. We love each other first (smiles).”

Still, this person already exists, right? Dhanwa: “It’s this person (embarrassed smile). I love you the most.”

Green: “For now. The lead dancer thinks that this person is right.”

Dhanwa: “Come back to practice with me at home very often.”

How many children do we want? December : “It’s better to put it this way. Green and I are quite a couple who argue in the morning and evening. I think it might be fruitful (smiles).”

Green : “I can’t do it. Who can do it? (laughs) Right now, Green doesn’t think how many people will need. We look at the goals of the work more than the present, and then he has goals in December. who want to cook as a chef He wanted to open a shop. Green tried to support him. on that side as well

We can’t cook we eat alone As for him, he will support Green in acting and various events, which Green has been accepting more and more jobs. Maybe we will be tired He also has to pick us up and send us some, helping us. Honestly, I’m honestly not married, right?

Dhanwa: “Well… (laughs) Why did you throw a question to us? I know the answer We still focus here. which I feel when are you ready We will notify you very soon.”

Like December ready to get married? Dhanwa: “You have to ask the woman more (smiles)”

Green : “Well, (sighs) December, he wants it, but Green says Green still has a dream. Then another one is Father Green recently passed away. Green left a single mother. I want to be with my mother first wanting happiness in the end of his life that we can do with him as much as possible

which December he understood that the Green House still has many burdens, has debts as well, 2 other Greens, one of whom has a girlfriend and then went with his girlfriend The youngest had to work. That means that there will be only Green and two mothers left in the house.

Green felt that if one day we must get married that means Green may have to move to some place. Or maybe have to move to Laos or not? Green would not dare to leave her mother alone. Because he’s already very angry in many things, we want to support his mother’s feelings as much as we can.

which December understands Green is ok Therefore, the wedding For the greens, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as we can be together, Green doesn’t stick. People might be like, why is this? But Green felt it was more of a two-person conversation. And we didn’t see that we had to accept the envelope, there was a ceremony, Green felt that today We have grown to this extent. Today, we are comfortable at this point and continue to consult each other and become friends in every moment.”

December ready to support everything? Green : “Before, the Thanwa family in Laos He sees that they have been together for 7 years, when will they get married?

Does he want grandchildren? Green: “Yeah, but Green is stumped. To get us pregnant, it takes time. But our mother also asked how we did it, right? Green said that we keep watching. Now Green felt he was the best. He is good to all of us. He is consistent with us and of course We’re both blood and flesh, and when we’re together, we always have to tune in.

which Green saw He developed himself all the time. Trying to adjust to meet us everything, but at the moment we carry many things, December also carries. Green felt that We want to focus on work and business first.”

closed business Will there be a reopening?

December: “Gram is closed during covid. I felt We cleared a lot of business matters and returned to focus on the drama. and more about the entertainment industry I talked to Green that now we’re slowing down on investment.

In the meantime, I’m cooking. Continue to practice making menus. Which I believe, however, I love this. I’m sure there will be in the future. in opening new business how to update I also want to focus on Masterchef competitions. I want to do my best.”

Green: “If he opens, I will invite everyone. because he really intends to make every menu This Green is really ready to support him.”

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