Green bar on screen after Oxygen OS update; Several OnePlus users are complaining about a green line display issue following the latest OxygenOS update

Recent reports on Twitter suggest that the Oxygen OS 13 update is causing the green bar to appear on several OnePlus devices.

Green lines usually appear on smartphone screens or any other similar displays when there is a problem with the connector or when the device is faulty. It’s a hardware problem. Many OnePlus users are facing a similar problem right now. The green line is visible on the phones after the software update.

According to recent reports on Twitter, the OxygenOS 13 update is causing the green bar to appear on several OnePlus devices. OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R phones are facing this problem. Meanwhile, OnePlus 10 Pro phones don’t seem to have this problem.

It is not clear from the reports whether the problem occurs immediately after the device is updated to the latest Oxygen OS or after some time. But the connection between that particular version and the problem cannot be ignored.

According to user reports, the green line appears even if the device has not been dropped, watered or abused in any way. Another observation is that all the complaints so far have come from Indian users. Even if the issue could have more to do with the fact that OnePlus products are popular in the country.

Unfortunately, there are currently no solutions to the green line problem. Some users report that they only experience the problem occasionally.

Not only are green lines often hardware related, they are not permanent either. If you are facing the problem then it is better to take the affected device to the service center. In the case of warranty devices, the display will be replaced free of charge. But if they are out of warranty it may take some convincing on your part.


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