Green Homes 2022 will send the flattest board of 40,000 yuan for the first phase of Kam Pak Court in Ma On Shan from now on

GSH’s new phase is located at Ching Tao Court in Fanling, Ko Wang Court in Yau Tong, and Kam Pak Court in Ma On Shan, with a total of 4,693 units. They are sold at 41% off the market price, which is the highest discount since the launch of GSH in 2016. Under the new discount, the flattest unit of about 184 square feet in Kam Pak Court, Ma On Shan, sells for about 750,000 yuan, and 5% of the first step is “40,000 yuan” to get on the car. Forms will be distributed from today (22nd), and eligible applicants will be accepted from next Thursday (29th) to the 12th of next month.

The 3 residential estates vary in size from 184 to 489 square feet. According to the HA, according to the current pricing mechanism, the discount rate for GHS units is 10% higher than the previous HOS sales scheme, and the final discount rate for HOS Calculation 49% is 2022, the selling price of new GSH units is 59% less the market value. After adjustment, the average square foot price of the unit ranges from HKD 4,490 to HKD 5,410, and the selling price ranges from HKD 750,000 to HKD. 2.71 million.

Ko Wang Court, Yau Tong

Ko Wang Court, Yau Tong

Gao Hong CourtGao Hong Court

Gao Hong Court

Kam Pak CourtKam Pak Court

Kam Pak Court

Some units have terrace and terrace rooms

According to the indoor partition model provided by the Housing Authority, a unit of approximately 470 square feet in Kam Pak Court Block A has a block room, while the 222 square feet unit in Ko Wang Court Block A includes a balcony of approximately 26 square feet , and some units continue to feature an “Open the door to see the toilet” design.

GSH is open to existing PRH tenants and eligible “Green Form” persons to apply. Application forms, sales brochures, etc. will be distributed at the HA Green Home Ownership Sales Office, Lok Fu HA Customer Service Center, various estate offices, etc. for download. The closing date for applications, whether online or on paper, is 7pm on October 12. The Housing Authority expects the fourth quarter of the current period of the plan to build flats in the first quarter of next year. The GSH sales office will display indoor partition models and virtual video clips of standard units in this phase of GSH development from now until the 12th of next month The information will be uploaded to the website at the same time.

Green Home Ownership 2022Green Home Ownership 2022

Green Home Ownership 2022

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