Green light bicycle race. “Athlete-Referee-Coach” will earn income to support their families.

Green light bicycle race. “Athlete-Referee-Coach” will earn income to support their families.

“Seth. Ink” Gen. Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand revealed that from the COVID-19 infection situation Has spread a new wave in Thailand As a result, the government has to declare some provinces as the most regulated areas, including 28 provinces, including the highest and strict control areas for the other five provinces, of which all are provinces where the Bicycle Sports Association Scheduled to organize a bicycle competition in Thailand The Royal Cup competition for the year 2021 was also included, resulting in many programs being postponed according to the original program. Not restlessly, the association has recently prepared a handbook to organize a competition under the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To present The Center for the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or BEC consider approving the organization of the race, which in the year 2020, the Bicycle Association The competition was held in New Normal, ie a “closed” competition, not allowing visitors to enter the field With strict measures to be put in place, it has been admired by many parties, especially Dr. Satit Patuthecha, Minister of Public Health. Has praised that the Bicycle Sports Association Organize a competition higher than the standard set. And is a model association for other associations, applying this measure to suit that sport

Prime Minister of the Thai wheel said that in this situation If the bicycle sports association Stationary Will affect a wide area Especially athletes at bicycle training centers in different regions, such as the Fisherman’s Friend Training Center, Dong Noi Temple, Lopburi, the Fisherman’s Friend Training Center, Wing 46 Phitsanulok, Fisherman’s Fe Training Center Grand Surat Thani, Fisherman’s Friends Training Center Chiang Mai, Fisherman’s Friends Training Center, Surin, Prime 19 Phayao Training Center, each center has a large number of athletes. In addition, there are also various clubs – member clubs all over the country. If there is no competition at all Athletes will not have any income. Including other personnel such as referees, trainers are not listed for duty. Therefore, the Bicycle Sports Association Therefore, these athletes and personnel need to heal by organizing competitions so that they can earn some income to support their families.

“Seth. Ink” said that if the BEC consider approving the Association of Bicycle Sports Can manage competition Will begin with a track bike race Thailand Championship Win a royal cup “Queen’s Sirikit” of the year 2021, field 1 between 12-14 February by the association will organize a “closed” competition, not allowing the public to visit Rather, the competition will be watched through live broadcast on the Facebook Live Thaicycling Association, including the number of athletes and officials according to the ratio, with 3 athletes allowed to have one team officer, which athletes and officials must register in advance. Online Most importantly, a rapid test for COVID-19 must be tested within 72 hours of arrival.

“After each athlete and team staff received a test result that appeared to be negative. Or no COVID-19 found Must submit evidence of inspection to the Bicycle Sports Association Through the website If there is no such examination evidence attached, they will not be eligible to compete. As for other measures during the competition, the association will adhere to the 5 main measures of the CRC: wearing a mask all the time, washing hands with alcohol gel, keeping a distance, avoiding contact. And limit the number of people In addition, there will be a screening point for temperature measurement. And spray disinfectants on the bikes and race equipment before entering the field, “two-wheeled prime minister, nicknamed” The power ink (spinning) overtakes every field, “said.

General Deja added that For international competitions Bicycle Sports Association Scheduled to organize an international bicycle race “Tour of Thailand 2021” between 1-10 April routes in Songkhla – Phatthalung – Trang – Satun – Pattani. And the international track bicycle competition “Track Asia Cup 2021” between 25-29 August at Wellodrome, the 2nd Stadium, Suphanburi Province Sports School, both of which are packed into the calendar. The year 2021 of the International Bicycle Federation (UCI) is completed. By the Bicycle Sports Association Has prepared a competition manual to determine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 To present to the Commission for approval as well The key measures are the 14-day detention in hotels, alternative detention facilities or ASQs designated by the association, including COVID-19 insurance for the amount of US $ 100,000 per person, or approximately 3,000,000 baht.

“The management of the entire bicycle competition in the Thailand Championship And international competition In addition to being a remedy to help athletes, staff and personnel to earn income It will also help restore the economy of the provinces that the Bicycle Sports Association Go to organize a competition This made the merchants at the grassroots level more income, hotels, accommodation, restaurants, crowded with people. It also promotes the tourism industry of the country. Due to the international long-distance cycling competition, the Tour of Thailand is broadcast live via Thai PBS TV’s Facebook Live. Spread to the world Foreigners can see the beautiful sights of each province that pass through. And makes you want to travel to Thailand It also builds confidence that nations around the world can see that Thailand has public health standards. And prevention of the spread of COVID-19 It is one of the world’s best, ”adds Gen. Deja.

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