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A major upgrade of the Aston Martin F1 team brought to the 6th round of the Spanish Grand Prix has been revealed. The new side pods mounted on the AMR22 clearly have similarities to Red Bull. It’s just like the green RB18 “Green Red Bull”.

Aston Martin had already hinted at the possibility of a major aerodynamic change in the middle of the season from the pre-season test stage, but the AMR22, unveiled before its first day at the Catalan circuit, is visibly large. It was changing.

The first thing that comes to your eyes is the side pod. The design that juts out to the side like a wing has disappeared and has been changed to a more orthodox form. And it was sloped so that it would go down toward the rear.

On the upper surface of the side pod, a part of it draws a downward line on the way to the rear, and the louver for cooling has been changed from the upper part of the side pod to the rear of the monocoque to the engine cover, and the front and rear center part of the floor has also been improved. It has been modified.

Aston Martin is one of the toughest season starters this year with the introduction of the ground effect car, with poor performance due to popping.

In the past 5 races, 2 cars made a total of 10 qualifying rounds, only 2 times, and only 6 points were collected, 9th in the constructor ranking, and the best to surpass Williams. It is a situation like that.

In terms of similarity to rival team machines, the “Pink Mercedes” from the old Racing Point era is new to our memory.

Racing Point’s 2020 F1 machine “RP20”, which was rebranded after the team acquisition by Lawrence Stroll, was ridiculed as “Pink Mercedes” by the previous year’s champion machine Mercedes W10 and two cars. rice field.

In the end, after a formal protest from Renault, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) fined racing points € 400,000 and ruled to strip 15 points at the Constructor’s Championship. ..

The F1 Spanish Grand Prix will start with free practice 1 from 21:00 on May 20th (Friday), Japan time.

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