Green Revolution or Dirty Business?

Good morning, dear reader,

in seven years, 80 percent of German power consumption should come from renewable energies. That’s what the government is planning, and it’s committed to it. Sounds great, but it’s a mammoth task. Although that is more of an understatement.

We are facing a revolution that affects all areas of life: Economy and jobs, transport and everyday life. What are the consequences, can it be done at all, why are wind power and solar energy treacherous and create new problems? Our moderator Lisa Fritsch, our sustainability editor Theresa Crysmann and I talk about this in today’s podcast. If you want to have a say in the next German revolution, you should hear this.



In a completely non-revolutionary way, I wish you a relaxing weekend. On Monday comes daybreak from our reporter Annika Leister.

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