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“Green” touched “Thanwa” to be in trouble, never left … Do not be discouraged, use debt instead of father 8 digits

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This is another very talented actress who works hard to draw the future. At the moment, there was news that she had to repay her father’s debt of up to 8 digits for “Green-Asadaporn Siriwatthanakun” interviewed at the launch of 7 Yachts dietary supplements. Held at the Dome sale Gallery, 1st floor, Pearl Bangkok, this event talked about the issues that had to bear the 8-digit debt that Father borrowed.

What is the feedback of the drama “Keaw forgot Khon”?
“Good. I heard that the rating of 2.7 is good.”

How proud are you?
“I’m proud because this is the first drama on Channel One. And the day channel gave the opportunity The adults gave a chapter that had never been played before, namely, the twins. “

This story seems like a ticket for the next few things?
“Actually, this story is like we had talked before. We just became a freelancer. The adults are like looking at our work first, really thank you for being kind and giving them a good chapter. We are determined to do our best. “

Is there a story next?
“I have it. The story of the sire, playing with Peter Corp. It’s a drama by Pee Chod (Sai ​​Thip). “

A drama like this, do adults have an approach to sign a contract?
“There has not been any talk of this matter yet. Jai Green would rather be a freelancer. “

It’s a good year for Green?
“Well, we love this profession. I want to do my best in this career. The more adults give the opportunity, no matter which camp it is. We want to do our best. Make it better and develop acting too. “

Asked about the 50 million debt we talked about on the show?
“Green lives like everyone else. Behind us there are debts, we have obligations and responsibilities. Just will people know? Which before Green goes out to the show There is a list of salt wonder before on the one channel. To promote the drama too The show has come up with a topic that says real life and life in a drama. That is, the life of Kaew and Green is no different. Difficult as well Therefore had the opportunity to tell stories about the family Which we don’t really talk about much about “

About this debt, is it just known or did you know for a long time?
“It has been around for a long time. We help each other in the family. But when Father passed away, it seemed to have more than before.

Many people are surprised that we have been actors for many years. Why is there so much debt?
“Green said it depends on the person I wasn’t rich in the first place, if anyone I knew life, I was an AF kid. Just enter the contest But our house is not that poor or wealthy, just enough to really make a living. Green has been a frugal person since time immemorial, and is not a luxury because we are like this, plus the debt that has already existed. Just people who do not know our depth. “

This debt is your father or where did it come from?
“Actually, according to the information given in the program”

Is it all informal debt?
“No, there are many parts together and it is our father. We have to be responsible. “

This figure is quite high. How many years have the brothers and sisters talked about the Atonement?
“The numbers are not even 50 million as the headlines, but the numbers are 8 digits. For some people it may not be that much. But for greens, it is a lot. And many people say that Green has been playing in the drama for many years. Why is there no money to subsidize in this area? Green would say that when we play a drama, it has his rating.

Which every time Green gets money from playing dramas That doesn’t mean Green has to put all that money down on debt. Because the debt it has more than the income that Green has And a drama, a lot of stars We don’t get it in 10 things a year, that’s not the case. And then we have to work to balance the development of our performance. If you receive that much, our performance will not be good.

And affect the work in the future So Green doesn’t just have to put all the money down on debt. We have a family burden to take care of our mother. And have our personal burdens Need to take care of yourself Therefore, it must continue to divide. Because other expenses we already have Which we have already divided When there is a debt The truth has been around for a long time. We have paid for it all the time. But it is not easily exhausted Because with a height of up to 8 digits “

In addition to being a child Do you think this debt is too heavy for Green?
Green said that there is no hard word for children to repay their parents. Just how do we find out how we can make your mother happy? Let him not worry Green feels that this year, if we have a lot of opportunity, every work that Green has done will do our best and want the results to be good. It will affect other matters as well, because we work today, of course, do it for a part of the money. But it does not mean that we face that money. We want to do the work well. Green views our income as a by-product. It is the income that we take to contribute to the family. “
How much debt is left now? “As a matter of real estate It’s also about southern business. Green cannot explain to everyone in numbers, only how much is left. But let’s say Green still has to pay “

We are responsible alone?
“I have a younger sister too. Also, there is a nephew who is Green’s cousin, Hia Gap (Thanawet), who is also an actor. But he already has a family Everyone has their own burdens, they will share a little bit, but the main ones will be us and our sister. But the sister sometimes gets a shot as well. We have to save time 2 years ago, anything unnecessary, green, cut it all off. “

How much is the heaviest moment for me?
“When I hear that I have more of this one (smile), it will be a little tired. But trying to find a solution “

How do you use encouragement to step through here?
“Green feels there are more people with debt problems than Green. As ever seen as P’Boy and P’Jieab That seems to coincide with the business, where the fire happened. He’s more than just green. He can still get off debt. Green’s still not the same as him. Green said we had to find a way to do so. And the Green family also helped each other, the main encouragement was from the family. “

And then come from December as well?
“He really has been aware of Green’s problems since the start of the relationship. Because his father had talked to him about this as well. Anything that can help, he can help. Even though it was money, it used to help as well. “

Considered to be able to prove many things That he did not leave us for sure?
“Yes, he didn’t leave us. Don’t leave the family either Showed that when we have a problem Our family came to discuss and seek solutions. Anyone who has a place can help with that. Anyone who doesn’t have it will help with other matters instead. Makes us see that our family is very close together. “

Therefore making Green do more business as well?
“Yes, it has changed the way of thinking about Green. From before, Green thought that his father had always sent the money. We use it not to be superfluous. But want anything But not now As we know more about our debts, plus the loss of my father, I know a lot more, so I adjust my way of thinking about myself. What is unnecessary is fast, sweet. It’s okay, we’re not dead. We can still stay Even if you’re at home and not going anywhere, COVID-19 is great. Green doesn’t have to go out and spend money. Causing new ways of thinking We can reduce some things that are not needed. And must be really necessary To take out the money to use “

Look at how many years of 8-digit debt will be lighter?
“It comes in many ways. I can’t predict the same. But I will try to do it all within 10 years, which must not affect others and ourselves as well. Green honestly said that even though we have to pay debts. But we still have dreams Green also has to balance work and debt issues together. “

Must have a contract to pay the debt, or does the creditors understand us?
“Well, we can talk, we have a lawyer from our family side. That he talked about this to stay as well “

Thank you picture from AIG: green_ausadaporn


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