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Original title:Greens coach:We lost our cool, Tatum and Brown let the game go far

On May 18, Beijing time, the first game between the Heat and the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals was played at the home of the Heat. In the end, the Celtics lost to the Heat 107-118 and fell behind 0-1 in the series.

In this game, the two starters of the Greens, Smart and Horford, were both absent. Talking about the impact of their absence on the game, the Greens coach Uduka said: “Having Smart and Horford may help because they It can help us solve a lot of problems, but it’s not exactly like that. It’s not all about our young people. It’s the veterans of the team – Tatum and Brown, who made the game go away.”

“We were caught off guard by the Heat’s confrontation, which was a bit disappointing,” Uduka said. “The thing we talked about at halftime was that they would improve their physicality and bring more in the third quarter. confrontation.”

In the third quarter, the Celtics were beaten by the Heat to a 14-39 single-quarter score. Uduka believes that the team cannot match the Heat in terms of toughness and physical confrontation. “They looked like they wanted to be more physical and aggressive, and we looked like we couldn’t match it. We lost our composure.” Uduka said of the team’s mistakes in the third quarter: “We stopped making The right attacking option.”

Uduka also pointed out that the team’s big men made some mistakes on Butler’s defense, and they should have known that Butler would try to draw a foul when he raised his hand.

At the end of the game, Smart, who was unable to play due to injury, cheered his teammates on the bench. Peyton Pritchard revealed, “He was very intentional and told us to compete and win the game. We played a little soft at the time. .”

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