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Griezmann hasn’t scored yet! Atlético Madrid struggle to lose to Alaves to overtake the crowd

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Atletico Madrid missed out on a chance to overtake Real Madrid to take a temporary lead after a 1-0 defeat to Alaves, remaining second at the top of the table, while Antoine Griezmann is still missing the target. Since moving from Barcelona back to play for “Bear seal” in the Spanish La Liga battle on September 25 at the past.

The Spanish La Liga match will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Estadio Mendisonotsa Stadium between Alaves and Atletico Madrid.

The first half played only 4 minutes, becoming Alaves, the hosts, who took the lead 1-0 from a corner kick, Ruben Duarte opened into Victor LaGuardia’s head to head into the goal. go

After that, Atlético Madrid, who dominated the game, attacked in one side in the 25th minute, winning from a shot outside the box of Yannick Carrasco, the ball to deflect the defensive line Alaves, the ball flew over the crossbar.

Two minutes later, “At Bear” narrowly equalized again, Marcos Llorente shot with a left in the penalty area, but the ball was not in the box.

Although the visiting team attacked more than the last stroke, it was not sharp enough to finish the first half. Alaves led Atletico Madrid 1-0.

The second half played 3 minutes, Atlético Madrid had a chance to equalize, Mario Hermoso added up to shoot a falling leaf outside the penalty area, the ball fell off the far post.

In the 59th minute, Alaves returned and almost got the second ball. Mamadu Ndiaye came off to hit the right corner, focusing on the penalty area. But not well, the ball came across the beam in a disappointing manner.

Until then until it survived, Atlético Madrid still did not have a goal to equalize and became Alaves, who had a chance to win the second ball more than in the 80th minute. Thomas Pina threw in a focus on the clear right, the ball flew over the crossbar. sorry

The rest of the time, although Atlético Madrid will invade more, but not penetrate, resulting in the end of the game, Alaves opened the nest to beat Atletico Madrid 1-0.

List of players for both teams

Alaves : Fernando Pacheco – Simo Navarro, Matt Miazga, Victor Laguardia, Ruben Duarte – Martin Aguire Gaviera, Antonio Moya, Mamadou Ndiaye, Luis Rioya – Miguel de la Fuente, Mamadou Cilla

Atletico Madrid : Jan Oblak – Mario Hermoso, Felipe, Stefan Savic – Yannick Carrasco, Rodrigo de Paul, Geoffrey Gong. Dogbia, Marcos Llorente, Kieran Trippier – Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez.

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