Grinding non-stop, “Chuvit” reveals secret deals as Thai political parties gear up for prime minister vote

Political Turmoil: The Battle for Thailand’s New Government

August 2, 2023 – In a stunning turn of events, the Pheu Thai Party has emerged as the linchpin in Thailand’s political landscape. The party, known for its progressive ideals, has declined an alliance with the Progressive Party, as Plaid Thai Pheu publicly announced its withdrawal from the co-formation of the government. This unprecedented move has unleashed a fierce power struggle within the ruling coalition.

Secret Deals and Deception:

Former politician Chuvit Kamolwisit, a prominent figure in Thai politics, has shed light on the backroom dealings that have plagued the formation of the new government. Exposing what he refers to as a “secret deal,” Chuvit accuses Plaid Thai Pheu of reneging on their promises and betraying the Thai people.

He claims that Pheu Thai has manipulated the situation to their advantage, allowing them to kick out their opponents and position themselves as the sole force in the government. Chuvit warns voters not to be deceived by Pheu Thai’s rhetoric and instead, urges them to closely monitor the upcoming prime ministerial vote.

Shrouded in Uncertainty:

The political landscape in Thailand remains uncertain as parties scramble to form alliances and vie for power. With the prime ministerial vote scheduled for August 4, the nation awaits the revelation of the joint party’s name that will lead the new government.

The strategy employed by the parties involved has been anything but transparent. Chuvit reveals that Pheu Thai has resorted to deceitful tactics, employing what he describes as an “old people tricking children” approach. The party has sent mixed signals to the public, creating an atmosphere of confusion and fooling voters with false promises of unity and everlasting love.

The uncertainty extends beyond the immediate future, as a potential “turn off the switch, senator” maneuver looms. This refers to a speculated plan to sway senators’ votes through covert means, disrupting the democratic process and potentially altering the outcome of the prime ministerial vote.

Lessons from the Past:

Chuvit draws attention to Thaksin Shinawatra’s previous attempts to manipulate the political landscape. He recalls the infamous events of 2013 and 2014 when Thaksin, a prominent figure in Thai politics, attempted to return to power through controversial means.

He cautions that Thai politics will remain stagnant if politicians continue to fall for these deceptive tactics. Chuvit’s remarks serve as a reminder that change can only be achieved through transparency and accountability.

As the nation braces itself for the prime ministerial vote, the true intentions and alliances of the parties involved remain ambiguous. Who will emerge as the country’s leader, and more importantly, will they truly have the nation’s best interests at heart?

Grinding non-stop, “Chuvit” unfolds again, opening the fight “Cobra stacked with cobra” after Pheu Thai kicked the head, sent far. don’t believe what they say But keep an eye on polling day to choose the prime minister.

August 2, 2023 It is clear that the government’s formula was Pheu Thai Party is the mainstay of this new equation it will not have a name Progressive Party Join when Plaid Thai Pheu makes a statement Tear up the MoU to form a government with a step forward Nominate “Srettha Thavisin” Vote for the next prime minister on August 4, ready to announce the name of the joint party to form a new government tomorrow (August 3).

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After the split announcement between Plaid Thai Pheu and the Progressive Party Chuvit Kamolwisit Mr a former politician “Jump” Who has come out to reveal the “secret deal”, the formula for forming a government all along, has posted the core of Plaid Thai Pheu, announcing that it is breaking far out of the equation of co-formation’ the government on the subject Open the battle of nesting cobra with cobra states that

Today it clearly is
Pheu Thai leaves far kick the bow of the boat and send it to sea put yourself ashore and blame the people on the boat
Tear up the MoU with the game. “Old people trick children” that he did everything but did not give up bullish
false signal “Love one another forever” heart shaped for people to believe Knowing that must be had today
scam msgstr “Turn off the switch, senator.” turned out to be “An appeal to senators.” instead of
tomorrow “Secret Deal” can confirm that too
Pheu Thai will make a statement that looks luxurious and cool. “Party 2 Uncles” join the pole
But keep an eye on the day of the Prime Minister’s vote. Whoever voted for him joined the government.
Because August 4 is a vote for the Prime Minister. Didn’t vote for the coalition government
Enter the textbook “Come, don’t come, don’t come, come”
the party that didn’t come will come later

a battle “A cobra nested with a cobra” Pulled to join more of the party 2 uncles
The senators recognized the clear signal. Green light through at least 200 senator checkpoints
Uncles flashed the signal. go first and follow later
Thai Pheu Party announcement tomorrow “Don’t believe what you see. Don’t listen to what you hear.”
Let’s see the day of the prime minister’s vote Who is who?
The cobra will lift the collar.
But the Prime Minister will be prominent in the minds of the people with information “For the nation” let society see from me
fool each other until you enjoy Make heart symbols to fool each other.
Don’t hate me, you know.

In this regard, Mr Chuvit also said that Pheu Thai is not the same or not?

– 2014, Thaksin wanted to go home. Amnesty at the end of the lane until the army takes power
– In 2013, Thaksin wanted to return home again, tearing up the Memorandum of Understanding to take the vote to inherit power.

And I’m not good at looking.
You guys are the ones who can’t seem to figure it out yourself.
If the politicians can still be fooled like this
Thai politics will never change.

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