‘Groom’s Class’ 54-year-old Chan-woo Kim, “I will soon marry a girlfriend who is 14 years younger than me” Lee Seung-cheol Why bitter?

“I’m so immature at that age” vs “The style that women just hate… ”

Channel A’s new entertainment show ‘These days, men’s life-groom class’ Lee Seung-cheol X Kim Chan-woo reunite after 20 years, and ‘Tiki-taka of the Fascinating’ starts.

Channel A ‘These Days Men’s Life-Groom Class’ (hereinafter ‘Groom Class’), which will be aired for the first time on the 19th (Wednesday) at 9:20 pm, shows Korea’s representative ‘Wannabe Groomsmen’ receiving the ‘Groom Class’ necessary in today’s times. , a real observational entertainment that develops into a good adult. Lee Seung-cheol, Kim Chan-woo, Kim Jun-su, and Young-tak will scramble as the main characters of the groom’s class, and studio MCs Kim Won-hee and Hong Hyun-hee will observe their daily lives and intervene without hesitation.

In this regard, ‘OB Line’ of ‘Groom’s Class’ Lee Seung-cheol X Kim Chan-woo from the first meeting with the four of them operates ‘Pack Pok’ towards each other, giving laughter. It’s a moment to be happy after the first year of 20 years, and Lee Seung-cheol blows a lead (?) saying, “(Kim Chan-woo) is immature even at that age, so he can’t get married.” In addition, Seungcheol Lee points out about Chanwoo Kim’s fashion, who wore a leather jumper, saying, “Who is wearing such clothes these days, the sense is low”. Kim Chan-woo, who was ‘hot’ at this, counterattacked, saying, “Your brother’s clothes style is the style that women just hate,” and garners applause from Kim Jun-su and Young-tak.

On the other hand, Chan-woo Kim confessed, “I have a girlfriend,” on the same day’s broadcast, and then announced a specific marriage plan. To the fact that Chan-woo Kim and his girlfriend have a 14-year age difference, Seung-cheol Lee said, “Do you even know in the other person’s house? It is uncomfortable for a father who has a daughter,” he said with a bitter expression. The attention is focused on Kim Chan-woo’s love story and marriage plan, which surprised everyone.

The production team said, “Lee Seung-cheol and Kim Chan-woo, in their 50’s, acted out their unstoppable talk and continued to expose the past, causing a restless ‘pupil earthquake’ of ‘the youngest line’ Kim Jun-su and Young-tak. And their real daily exploration will bring fresh laughter.”

Channel A’s ‘These Days of Men’s Life – Groom’s Class’ will premiere on the 19th (Wednesday) at 9:20 pm.

Digital News Team reporter Lee Ji-soo, photo provided = Channel A ‘Groom’s Class’




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