Group dinner with candidates for local elections in Jeongeup-seo, Jeollabuk-do… The police are investigating

police mark. Hankook Ilbo file photo

A report was received that dozens of people, including candidates running for the June 1 local elections, had recently had a group dinner at a restaurant in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do, and the police launched an investigation.

According to the Jeongeup Police Station in North Jeolla Province on the 29th, a report came in on the afternoon of the 22nd at a restaurant in Suseong-dong, Jeongeup-si, that about 80 people, including candidates for the Democratic Party’s local election and party members, were having a dinner. It is also known that incumbent lawmakers were also present at the event.

They are said to have stated that “there was no problem under the Public Official Election Act,” saying, “The participants gathered money together to calculate the food expenses.”

In addition to the exact number of people attending the dinner, the cost and method of expenditure, the police are investigating whether the constituency will attend. It would be a violation of the Public Official Election Act if voters were present here.

Article 113 (Restrictions on Contributions by Candidates, etc.) Paragraph 1 of the current Public Official Election Act stipulates that ‘A person who wants to become a candidate cannot make any donations to constituency residents or organizations within the constituency’.

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