Group Ive Jang Won-young Shows Resilience Despite Injury on Music Video Set

Group IZ*ONE’s Jang Won-young Continues to Show Determination Despite Injury

By Maara Reporter | Money Today | July 14, 2023 | 13:57

Group IZ*ONE’s Jang Won-young has demonstrated her unwavering fighting spirit even after sustaining an injury. Director Son Seung-hee, who helmed Jang Won-young’s music video ‘I AM’, recently appeared on the MBC FM4U radio program ‘GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend’ and shared some surprising details about the incident.

During the episode, Director Son revealed, “Jang Won-young injured her arm while dancing on the set of the music video, requiring seven stitches. It was a moment that truly caught me off guard, as I had never witnessed such dedication on a set before.”

Despite the setback, Director Son added, “Initially, I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to complete the remaining scenes. However, Jang Won-young visited the emergency room two days in a row to receive stitches and promptly returned to the set, giving her all for every single shot.”

Jang Won-young herself spoke about the experience, saying, “If I were in her shoes at that age, I believe I would have stood out even more. Despite the pain in my arm, I pushed through powerful choreography. I couldn’t help but feel my heart ache while witnessing her professionalism and meticulous monitoring. These were the most unforgettable aspects once the production concluded. Many crucial scenes would not have existed if she hadn’t persevered through the injury.”

This is not the first time Jang Won-young has faced injury while performing. Last year, she suffered a knee injury that resulted in bleeding during the ‘Welcome K-Pop Click Concert’. However, despite the circumstances, Jang Won-young impressed the audience with a flawless performance till the end.

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Maara Reporter, Money Today | 2023.07.14 13:57

Group Ive Jang Won-young / Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun chmt@ It was later revealed that Group Ive Jang Won-young showed his fighting spirit after injury. On MBC FM4U’s program ‘GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend’, broadcast on the 12th, director Son Seung-hee, who directed Ive’s music video ‘I AM’, appeared.

Director Son said, “Jan Won-young injured her arm while dancing on the set of the music video and needed seven stitches. This is the first time I’ve ever been so surprised on set.”

He continued, ‘I thought I wouldn’t be able to film the remaining second episode, but Jang Won-young went to the emergency room two days in a row to get stitches, and then he came right back and spent’ r all the scenes.”

/Picture = ‘I AM’ music video director Ive said, “If I was that age, I think I would have stood out a lot.” My arm hurts,” he said. He said, “It hurt my heart just to see him pull off some powerful choreography. He didn’t express any of the cool things in a professional way and carefully monitor them. That was the most memorable part after it was over,” he said. He said. There were a lot of scenes that wouldn’t have existed if I hadn’t spent them after being injured.”

Meanwhile, Jang Won-young suffered a knee injury to the point of bleeding while performing choreography at the ‘Welcome K-Pop Click Concert’ in January last year. Afterwards, Jang Won-young received applause for her perfect performance until the end.

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