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November 15, 2022 bySNH48Shen Mengyao, SNH48 Duan Yixuan, SNH48 Yuan Yiqilead the way“Silk Road” MVwas officially launched. It is also the first popular MV created by Siba Media using XR and other cutting-edge production technologies after transforming Siba Media into an immersive interactive social metaverse focused on the Internet age of WEB3.0 and XR-Meita Metaverse, showing a magnificent new version . The visual scene of the Western Regions of Guochao.

As a report of the 2022 SNH48 Group Annual Youth Ceremony, this MV gathers members of “Starlight Group” TOP16 SNH48 Shen Mengyao, SNH48 Duan Yixuan, SNH48 Yuan Yiqi, SNH48 Wang Yi, SNH48 Zhou Shiyu, GNZ48 Zheng Dani Yangni, SNH48 , SNH48 Zuo Jingyuan , GNZ48 Zeng Aijia, GNZ48 Chen Ke, SNH48 Song Xinran, SNH48 Xu Yang Yuzhuo, SNH48 Zhang Xin, BEJ48 Huang Yici, SNH48 Han Jiale, and GNZ48 Zhu Yixin. The popular members of the three groups worked together and devoted themselves to creating and preparing this work.

At the beginning of the MV, Shen Mengyao and his party, attracted by mysterious legends, appeared in the wind and sand, eager to explore the traces of ancient legends along the Silk Road. Under the hurricane, he broke into an imaginary world and met the goddess who protects the lake “Taize” played by a member of SNH48. And this lake called “Taize” in the desert has the sacred power to travel through the afterlife. So, an adventure of discovering the truth and awakening memories in the desert begins.

Shen Mengyao plays two roles, leading the presentation of the legendary goddess

The entire MV is presented from Shen Mengyao’s point of view. She not only played the role of the girl from the Western Regions who wore a red dress and a pearl veil in the opening scene, but also played the role of Taichu, the head of the goddess. The white tulle dress floats in the wind and sand, and the magnificent headdress shines in the light, showing the delicate visual beauty of a goddess.

In order to better present the script, the main creative team also established unique character biographies for the other 15 members of the SNH48 GROUP, and produced unique clothing based on the characteristics of the characters. Duan Yixuan plays Wujiu, the goddess who can transform into a black crow and who controls the undead. Sharp eyes in the MV are impressive. Yuan Yiqi plays Zaichen, the goddess responsible for the memory of living beings, and her free and easy posture sitting sideways on the stone platform is magnificent.

In addition, there is the goddess Ganlu in the sea of ​​flowers played by Wang Yi, the goddess Bixu who is surrounded by water waves played by Zhou Shiyu, the goddess Yulu who is responsible for cause and effect played by Zheng Danni, the book goddess responsible for punishment played by Yang Bingyi, and other members of TOP16. Goddesses also showed their beautiful demeanor in the MV.

Against the background of the ethnic minority style dance skirts, the group dance part is more like neon clothes, charming and lovely, not only presenting the rare exotic beauty of the members, but also presenting the detailed artistic activity of the whole MV.

XR and other cutting edge technology boons are introducing a new national trend

In addition to carefully preparing the members’ personal service, the production of the entire MV is even more comprehensive. The MV of “Silk Road” is jointly created by top domestic teams in terms of vision, art, and special effects. It adopts XR real-time rendering technology, combines desert foreground and giant art settings, and uses UE4 Unreal Engine to build the , realize the large and complex scene modeling, elegant and realistic, present epic level visual effects, and create a new national tidal desert visual style that is both real and illusory.

During the filming, the production team specially used a super-large LED curved screen with a width of 35 meters and a height of 10 meters to show the dancing posture of the 16 members taking part in the Western Regions, turning to’ left and right, and danced like the wind. Whether it is a vast desert with the sunset, or the dark red wasteland with strange rocks, or the majestic Phoenix Temple, all kinds of realistic and fantastic scenes make people feel like they are in the movie screen, bringing a feeling beyond the MV. audiovisual experience.

Presenting Siba’s ten year pioneering way, further work awaits publication

The sound source of “Silk Road” was jointly created by Yan Muchen, head producer of Chromosome Entertainment, and Siba’s music team. It is grand and far-reaching. The theme of “Silk Road” not only represents the important historical symbol of the Silk Road, but also matches the innovative way of Siba Media’s industry in the past ten years. And this MV itself also summarizes the creative background accumulated by Siba Media in the past ten years, and interprets the spirit of technological exploration looking to the future.

In addition to the official version of the MV, the “Silk Road” dance version of the MV will be officially released on November 22. At that time, the beautiful dance carefully practiced by the members will be completed. And SNH48 Shen Mengyao’s personal MV “Oasis” created based on the prequel of “Silk Road” will also meet you as soon as possible. At that time, there will be a richer development and more three-dimensional shaping of the role of the goddess Shen Mengyao.

I believe that the full interpretation of TOP16 members, as well as the creative team’s careful polishing of script stories, character settings, costume props, post-production visual effects, etc., will once again present an artistic charm to the audience. from SNH48 GROUP, just like in the song Said: “Where you step, there will be a solution on the silk road.”

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