“GTA Online” new app “crime business” related to the sharp rise in oil prices is delivered

Rockstar Games is an open world game currently available on Wednesday, July 27th.“GTA Online”Against the backdrop of soaring oil pricesDelivering an update “Crime Business” that provides new missions, vehicles / weapons, and improved gaming experiencesdid.This work isPS5/PS4Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One、PC(Rockstar StoreSteamEpic Games) Is being delivered.

“GTA Online” is the fifth in a series of climb action games“Grand Theft Auto V”This is the online title included in.In this workMultiplayer for up to 30 players is possibleYou can enjoy various crime missions and activities such as car racing, golf and darts in the fictional city “Los Santos”.

According to the announcement, this update introduces new missions such as “Cargo Procurement” and “Export of Goods” in addition to “Paper Trail Operation” that fights against gangsters who manipulated oil prices illegally. New vehicles such as supercars will also be implemented, and gameplay will be greatly improved, led by a wide range of reward balance adjustments.

In addition to the above, it seems that new benefits of the membership program “GTA +” and event bonuses until Wednesday, August 3 are also offered, so if you are interested in the details, Rockstar GamesOfficial news site “Newswire”It is a good idea to check.

“Crime business” is now being delivered

Get back into business with the latest updates to GTA Online

A heat wave struck South San Andreas, gasoline prices soared, and the economy was on the verge of bankruptcy. The whole city will look like it’s in chaos …

However, one of the bad things is the city of Los Santos. The black market is experiencing rapid business growth and many opportunities are rolling. New update for GTA Online starting todaycriminal enterpriseCan be enjoyed on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

Every entrepreneur is turning to new routes such as:

ExecutiveLet’s start a new “Cargo Procurement” mission from the office. In addition, the daily mission “Export of Goods” will be newly introduced. In addition, new warehouse staff will help with procurement. In particular, the new manager, Loupe, is exploring every business opportunity to create synergies.

MC PresidentEveryone, let’s increase the income of the club. With the help of Cindy, increase your bar inventory and invite your customers in leather outfits. Custom bike shop owners can share their love for motorcycles by delivering modified bikes to paying customers. Do you hate clean money? fine. Keep your hands dirty as new clubhouse missions are coming.

Nightclub owners can talk to Tony Prince or log in to their office computer to start a new club management mission. Problems tend to occur at the most popular clubs in the city. Paparazzi intrusion, dealing with troublemakers getting out of the velvet rope, VIP attendants in need of help … If you would like to procure goods, you can contact Johan for help.

To Firearms Moonshine: Not enough supplies? Fill your underground fortress with supplies as new replenishment missions are available. Want to move your research forward in an underground base? Then contact Agent 14. If you’re looking to expand your business, Agent 14 will sign a contract with Ammunition, so sell your surplus weapon parts and monetize them.

For more information on this newly expanded business, check out the official GTA Online website.

Agent ULP returns in Operation Paper Trail

Citizens on Highway 1 are not the only ones who are aware of rising gasoline prices. IAA agent ULP is also paying attention to this. Agent ULP, who sniffed the story of a large-scale conspiracy and the smell of a large amount of gasoline, is convinced that the Dagan guys and he are teaming up with the FIB to tamper with oil prices. The information is disastrous and little details are available, but Agent ULP should be contacting you soon.

Improving the gaming experience

The Crime Business has broadly improved the GTA Online gaming experience. Most of these improvements are based on the extensive and constructive feedback we receive on our feedback solicitation site.

For those who value their personal space, they can now access their business computer from a private session. Enjoy a leisurely sale or procurement mission away from the competitive market of Armageddon. Also, for those who like Armageddon, the bonus is boosted.

You can now buy up to the maximum number of ammo for all weapons at once from the action menu, so don’t waste your time looking at the ammo on display. Once you’ve selected them all and replenished them, go straight back to the battle. Also, wearing new armor during a shootout or breaking his 15th ego chaser bag for first aid can now be done faster with the weapon wheel. rice field.

Gameplay improvements based on player requests include:

• Extensive balancing of the in-game economy and rewards paid for various activities gives you more freedom and choice in climbing the underworld
• Readjustment of “Opressor Mk2” weapons and decoys
• The number of regular properties you can own has increased from 8 to 10, which also increases the garage capacity for your vehicle collection.

There are many other improvements … Don’t forget to check out our recent Newswire article on improving the gaming experience and the title updates published on the Rockstar Support site.

New vehicles, etc.

Supercars, sports cars, and muscle cars will be newly introduced in the “crime business”. If you’re looking for a commuter car that will surprise you like cryptocurrencies, or if you want to prepare for a war with full equipment, stop by your local car dealer right now. The latest-generation console version features the Sterling GT project, which has been warmed up by Hao Special Works customization experts for many years, as well as two new vehicles that can be upgraded by Imani Tech at the agency’s vehicle workshop. Will appear.

Also, for Los Santos citizens, there is only one way to get older: great wines, like fine wines with large amounts of formaldehyde infused and trapped in resin. For that reason, a major model change has been made to what has been popular so far. Pegassi Zentono, Benefactor Sterling GT, Grotti Turismo R and more are coming with new mods and paint.

In addition, a new bolt-type precision rifle that enhances the accuracy of long-range shooting and enables quick and clean shooting has been added to the inventory of Ammunition.

New benefits for GTA + members

Today is also the day when the GTA + event period begins anew. Members will receive the sports car “Lampa Dirty Corsita” for free from Legendary Motorsport, as well as a number of new benefits, including two exclusive paints. GTA + members will also receive his 50% bonus GTA Money and RP in the new “Operation Paper Trail” mission, as well as all free boss / CEO skills available from the Action Menu.

In addition, there are 15% bonus GTA Money added with executive office upgrades and Shark Money Card purchases. Check the official his GTA + website for more information on his current GTA + members and how to receive them.

Event bonus during the period

Throughout August 3, all GTA Online players will receive special bonuses, including double GTA Money and RP in the new Operation Paper Trail mission. In addition, if you complete any of the replenishment or procurement missions (firearms, top secret cargo, car dealership vehicle transactions), you will receive a $ 150,000 GTA Money bonus within 72 hours of clearing.

Complete any of the Firearms Moonshine, Nightclub Warehouses, MC, or Top Secret Cargo Sale missions to receive “Beat Off” white earphones for your character, as well as various special discounts:

• 40% off – agency property
• 40% off – agency property upgrades and mods
• 50% off – Shister Diviant
• 40% off – Ocelot Lynx
• 40% off – Lampadati Flore GT
• 40% off – Declas Yosemite
• 30% off – Pegassi Zorasso
• 30% off – Enas Diati
• 30% Off – Vapid Dominator ASP

Don’t miss any additional information in the future

Keep an eye out for Rockstar Newswire to keep up with the latest GTA Online updates. We will continue to introduce new elements such as the opening of two new vehicle-related showrooms.

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