GTH moves forward to the hemp market, opens a franchise business with a target of 1,000 branches in 3 years

GTH continues to penetrate the “Hemp” market, starting with the franchise “HEMP HOUSE”, selling beverages and food products using plants, aiming for 65 franchises with 300 branches and reaching 1,000 branches in 3 years.

from the analysis Krungsri Research “Hemp, a new economic crop opportunities and challenges” by estimating the value of the Thai hemp industry. Considering the value of the downstream industries that have the potential to use hemp as a base for evaluation together with the proportion of hemp that is expected to be used in each industry

It is estimated that in 2021, the beverage industry with hemp blends is expected to be worth 280 million baht, followed by hemp food products at 240 million baht, hemp-derived medicines and supplements at 50 million baht, and clothing made with fiber. Hemp 30 million baht and personal care products are estimated to be in the product development phase mainly in the first year. The five industries will use hemp worth about 600 million baht.

expected product hemp Thailand will grow significantly in the first 5 years after the government unlocks business. The Thai hemp market will be valued up to 15,770 million baht at the end of 2025, or average growth (CAGR) of 126% per year.

latest Golden Triangle Health Company Limited or GTH Moving forward to the hemp market, launching a Hemp House Franchise business Highlight Healthy Plants, a lifestyle cafe Ready to sell products, beverages and food that uses plants Combined with the taste and benefits of hemp grown and extracted by ourselves. by research collaboration with Khon Kaen University, an amount of over 50 rai, which products are either hemp oil, terpenes or CBD will be developed and sold through the HEMP HOUSE

Julapas (Tom) Krue Sophon, Chairman of GTH “Golden Triangle Health” Ltd. revealed that most of the Thai hemp business thinks about upstream Many people want to plant and many people talk about extraction But if you plant, extract, who will you sell to? So the Hemp House opens. for people who have hemp products and want to sell It is considered a distributor of hemp products. by a person who is a franchise will get advice from experts Get products that are not in short supply. and have a public relations channel

“The goal is to make the store a market place for cannabis and hemp, with no more than 20% of the company’s products being produced by the company itself because we see in the future that people will produce a lot of products. Where will he go to sell? we will be the intermediary will be Starbucks of the Thai hemp business

“If people produce products Then he didn’t have a place to sell it was a problem, but the one that sold it, thought he was too expensive. He can’t stay We see that we have to be a place where they have the opportunity to sell. The terms of the product to be sold is that it must be approved by the FDA and must be legal. This industry will be the new S-Curve in Thailand.”

  • Aiming for 1,000 branches in 3 years

for the pattern Franchise business HEMP HOUSE uses the area starting at 10 square meters or more, the franchise fee is 300,000 baht as a decoration fee. and product equipment Those who are interested in doing only one thing is to find a place for a contract period of 2 years without having to pay any other fees. by choosing the location, namely community sources, shopping malls, etc.

At present, 22 people are interested in both Bangkok and other provinces, aiming for the year 65 to expand 300 branches and touch 1,000 branches within 3 years, with plans to list in the stock exchange in the future.

GTH goes forward in the market

  • Healthy green cafe

side Natthita Phumphakdi, Chief Executive Officer of GTH “Golden Triangle Health” Co., Ltd. It was revealed that HEMP HOUSE is a lifestyle cafe with a green line of health. focusing on blending healthy plants Become a food and drink mix that promotes good health and good mood. using the main product from hemp combined with various medicinal plants It comes out as a green belt menu that is good to eat and useful.

Their main menu includes beverages, green tea, Thai tea, Taiwanese tea, cocoa and fruit flavored sodas. and TOM brand Hemp Terpene which is a group of good mood snacks. Relax Snack consists of Thai Coconut Roll with Terpene Flavor, Tom Popcorn Terpene cheese flavor, Tom Popcorn Cheese Terpene flavor, Tom Popcorn Terpene caramel flavor, Terpene flavored tom popcorn caramel flavor and Chocolate covered Rice Puff flavor, Terpene flavored chocolate coated rice crackers and TOM Terpene ice cream.

GTH goes forward in the market

Next year, HEMP HOUSE will expand distribution channels for appliances and food supplements that draw on the benefits of plants and herbs. Apply according to the concept of Healthy Plant, especially products from hemp that have been grown legally. By using important extracts such as CBD, HEMP Oil, Terpene that can be further developed into a variety of products. Expand business opportunities and meet health-conscious consumers



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