Gu Jun-yeop ♥ Seo Hee-won’s ex-husband claims 200 million earned for living expenses… Possible confiscation of property

Seo Hee-win, Koo Jun-yeop / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Taiwanese actor Seo Hee-won, wife of clone Gu Jun-yeop, applied for compulsory living expenses for ex-husband Wang So-bi.

On the 21st (Korea time), Taiwan’s Mirror Weekly and other local news outlets reported that Sobi Wang was not fulfilling her obligation to pay for living expenses stipulated in the divorce agreement with Heewon Seo. It has not been paid since last March, and about 216 million has been earned.

It is known that Seo Hee-won’s side has filed a request for compulsory execution to the court. Seo Hee-won’s side claims that Wang So-bi agreed to the agreement at the time of the divorce in November last year, but stopped paying living expenses after marrying Gu Jun-yeop recently.

Meanwhile, Seo Hee-won married Goo Jun-yeop in March, three months after the divorce from Wang So-bi.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia [email protected]

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