Gu Jun-yeop’s wife ‘Taiwan Golden Jan-di’ wins a lawsuit against her ex-husband for living expenses

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Gu Junyeop and Xu Siyuan (from left)

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(Taipei = Yonhap News) Correspondent Kim Chul-moon = Taiwanese media such as the China Times reported on the 28th that Taiwan’s wife Gu Jun-yeop won a lawsuit against her ex-husband over living expenses.

According to reports, the Taipei District Court Civil Court issued a ruling in the first instance rejecting the “debtor’s objection” filed by Xiaofei Wang against his ex-wife Xu Siyuan (徐熙媛), who remarried Jun-yeop Gu.

After the closed hearing, the district court explained that according to the records of the divorce mediation between the couple, Wang’s payment to his ex-wife at the time agreed by both parties was in the nature of a regular fixed payment.

He added that since there are no contracts relating to set-off and assignment of debts in the divorce mediation record, they have to be calculated separately.

Therefore, it was interpreted that there is no problem in clearing the debt by taking forceful action on the property of Mr Xu’s ex-husband, Mr Wang.

The district court said that the hearing usually takes 52 months from the district court, the high court, and the highest court, and Mr. Wang secured 1.65 million Taiwan dollars (about 70 million won), which is more than the estimated amount of possible damage to his ex-wife (1.62 million Taiwan dollars) He said that the forced action can only be stopped if provided first.

In response, Mr. Wang announced his intention to appeal on Weibo social media the day before, claiming that he had already paid more than 1.2 billion won for living expenses.

Previously, Xu Siyuan divorced Wang Xiaofei in November 2021 through court mediation.

Mr Wang promised to support a fixed amount every month for living expenses, but after Mr Xu married Gu Jun-yeop in March last year, he refused to pay for the living expenses, saying he could not pay the water and electricity bills for the luxury house in which they live.

In response, Ms. Xu that the unpaid living expenses of Mr. Wang amounting to NT$5 million, and demanded compulsory execution of NT$7.5 million (about KRW 330 million) against Mr. Wang, and the court approved the confiscation of some of Mr. owned by Wang.

Xu Siyuan is an actress who gained fame for playing the lead role in the Taiwanese version of the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. In Korea, it is famous as ‘Taiwan Golden Grass’, named after the female lead in a drama that aired in Korea.

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