Guangdong Official Announcement: The team has been isolated and suspended from participating in CBA_Competition_Prevention and Control_Notice

Original title: Guangdong official announcement: The team has been isolated and delayed from participating in the CBA due to close contact

On October 4th, the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team issued the “Notice of Delayed Withdrawal from the Team” The notice stated that the club has close ties and has delayed leaving the team. The new CBA season will start on October 10. Here is the full text of the announcement:

Originally our club planned to arrange for the team to go to the Hangzhou Division to prepare for the new season. Before leaving, the disease control department found that there were close contacts in our club during the process of investigating the people involved in importing asymptomatic infections from other states. The relevant personnel of our club have carried out central isolation medical observation in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and two rounds of nucleic acid tests have been carried out, and the results are all negative.

In order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, our club decided to postpone participation in the team. After meeting the epidemic prevention regulations, we will send teams to participate in the competition in time. A sincere thank you to all parts of society for their concern and support for our club!

Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club October 4, 2022

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