“Guangsong”, the beginning of Kitchee, the Asian Cup

“Guangsong Mahaphai” Chiang Rai United draws the Asian Club Championship, AFC Champions League 2022, is in Group J, together with Shanghai Port, the Chinese League champions, Kitchee SC, the Hong Kong League champions and the team play-offs that will have to wait for the results of the competition from representatives of (Japan/Australia/Myanmar), in which the playoffs, the FA Cup champion team (Australia) will play against Shan United, the Myanmar League Champion team. The winner of this match will go on to face Vissel Kobe, the third-placed team in the 2021 J-League season.

As for the competition program “Kuangsong Great Disaster” Chiang Rai United has already given birth. Even if we have to wait for another team from the playoffs Originally, the format of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) was already clearly defined. in the matter of the pairing of each group As for the competition location, the competition will be informed again. The competition program is as follows:

Group stage program GROUP J Chiang Rai United

15,16 Apr. 65 Kitchee (Hong Kong) – Chiang Rai United (Thailand)
18,19 Apr. 65 Chiang Rai United (Thailand) – Shanghai Port (China)
21,22 Apr. 65 Play-off (Japan/Australia/Myanmar) – Chiang Rai United (Thailand)
24,25 Apr. 65 Chiang Rai United (Thailand) – Play-off (Japan/Australia/Myanmar)
27,28 Apr. 65 Chiang Rai United (Thailand) – Kitchee (Hong Kong)
30 Apr., 1 May 65 Shanghai Port (China) – Chiang Rai United (Thailand)

News photo from Chiang Rai United FC

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