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“Guaranteed annual revenue of 50 million won for start-up brokers”

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New Real Estate Brokerage Service Unveiled
“Consumer damage, direct compensation”

To strengthen the real estate brokerage platform, Jikbang guarantees 50 million won in profits for one year to newly established real estate brokers. At the time of the contract, Jikbang’s subsidiaries and brokers jointly seal the contract, and Jikbang is directly responsible for consumer damage.

At the ‘Jikbang 10th Anniversary Media Day’ held at an exhibition hall in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 15th, Ahn Seong-woo (pictured), CEO of Jikbang, said, “We need to evolve into a ‘residential platform 2.0’ that takes responsibility for providing consumer-centered differentiated services beyond the limitations of existing platforms. ” and introduced ‘On-Tact Partners’.

Ontact Partners is a new type of win-win model in which real estate agents promote non-face-to-face online transactions with customers using three-dimensional (3D) property information provided through the Jikbang application (app), and the commission is divided in half with Jikbang. The property information is refined so that consumers can check the exact number of lakes, as well as internal photos and external views for each property through virtual reality (VR) before visiting the site.

Jikbang plans to provide free consulting training for 4 to 8 weeks to brokers who wish to partner with them. In addition, if an unopened real estate agent establishes a new business, it will guarantee a profit of at least 50 million won for the first year. As Jikbang directly jumps into the apartment brokerage market, there is also a prospect that existing brokerages may resist. This is because the broker’s share is reduced by the amount of the direct usage fee and it may become dependent on the platform. In response, Jikbang emphasized that more opportunities could be created for brokers. CEO Ahn said, “Non-face-to-face video consultations enable customer consultation three to four times more than offline.” He said, “(Jikbang) is not a direct brokerage that means direct transactions without an agent or mediation through direct hiring.” Jikbang also plans to launch the ‘Home Theatre’ function, which provides residential convenience services with one app, in the second half of the year (July to December). It aims to become a comprehensive residential platform by integrating various services such as △professional cleaning of bathroom windows, air conditioner beds, etc. △installation of products such as lighting switches, faucets, drainpipes, △home repair such as leaking paint joints, and △insect repellent control and personal warehouse.

Reporter Dongjin Shin [email protected]

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