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Guardiola’s waistless team, England’s new generation-Champions League final resumption-Xinhua English.news.cn

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Guardiola’s Manchester City team painted an imperfect ellipsis for a brilliant season in a tragic and regretful way…

Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, May 30th, title: Guardiola’s waistless team England’s new generation-the Champions League final resumption

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing Bai Xu

Conquered English football, but once again missed the European hegemony. Guardiola’s Manchester City team painted an imperfect ellipsis for a brilliant season in a tragic and regretful way…

This shortcoming will undoubtedly make players and fans feel more distressed, because the thickness of the “Blue Moon” lineup seems to have the opportunity to stimulate more optimized technical and tactical performance to win the Champions League trophy, which is unique to the “Man City Dynasty”. In the past 10 years, Aguero, Kompany, David Silva, Balotelli, Joe Hart and others who have impacted the territory of the British football world, improved the viewing of the Premier League, and brought countless classic pictures to fans around the world Sabaletta and a group of players, sent the solace of realizing the Champions League dream.

But as De Bruyne said before the final, the history of competitive football will only remember the championship, and the runner-up is meaningless to the players. Judging from the outcome, Manchester City’s complete defeat and Aguero’s tragic curtain call reflected this cruelty. But from the perspective of the process, Chelsea, with more efficient performance and more balanced offense and defense, represents the trend of modern football. They have won the cup twice.

Guardiola is a recognized master of tactics, but in a decisive battle, the starting lineup of the Spanish celebrity coach is the first 11 players he has never ranked in the competition during the coaching of “Blue Moon”. Guashuai’s courage and decisiveness are admirable.

However, in the starting 433 formation, Manchester City’s frontcourt team of six is ​​either an attacking midfielder or a winger. There is no true center, nor a midfielder with both offense and defense, but two with midfield control. Players-captain Fernandinho and Spanish midfielder Rodri did not make the start. This means that the “Blue Moon” midfielder has no protection or thickness. At a glance, there are offensive players with similar characteristics everywhere.

Under the change of tactics, although Manchester City has a 60% possession rate higher than that of the “Blues”, it does not pose too many real threats. The number of shots and shots are at a disadvantage, exposing the inefficiency of offensive and midfield organization. . De Bruyne, who plays the “pseudo No. 9”, can adapt to the tactical arrangement of the “no front line”, but Gundogan, who is in the midfield dispatch position, is in hot form this season, but it can’t make up for the “no waist line.” The lack of midfield connection and encouragement of the team’s leadership. The overlapping of the players in the midfield and the front and Sterling’s confusion at the position of the winger reflects that Manchester City did not reflect the smooth and sharp attack of the Premier League champions this season on the court.

On the other hand, Chelsea, since Tuchel replaced Lampard as the coach in January this year, the thickness of the backcourt, the impact of the frontcourt, tactical execution and offensive efficiency have become the key to the late season. The German coach made high school defender Rudiger re-emerged as the defensive backbone and allowed veteran Kanter to regain his all-around midfield performance. In the 3421 start, Chelsea continued the familiar play style of three central defenders + two wing guards, with protection, scheduling, and hierarchy in the front field, coupled with the growth of young players such as Nova Monte, their efficiency, speed and impact. , Has become a success factor for the new generation of “Blue Army”.

Of course, this night’s Champions League is not only a victory for the Premier League, but also for English football. In the two Premier League teams, there are not only the top stars in the world, but also a number of new England stars-21-year-old attacking midfielder Foden, 21-year-old right-back James, 24-year-old left-back Chilwell, 22-year-old Attacking midfielder Monte. Compared with them, the 26-year-old Sterling, who became famous earlier, is already considered a veteran.

While the English youth team has repeatedly played well on the World Cup stage in recent years, the popularization of youth training and the solid foundation of English football in the league is welcoming a glorious era.


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