‘Gub Gib’ reveals the picture of goosebumps. Kham Chanod sees the green light in his head very clearly.

“Kubgib Sumonthip” traveled to Kham Chanod, Udon Thani province, posted a creepy picture. The owner of the walkway Seeing a strange green light prominently on the head, blast! no live camera filters

causing the netizens to get goosebumps after “Kubgib Sumonthip” traveled to Kham Chanod, Udon Thani and posted a picture on Instagram “gggubgib36” on January 14, 65, in which the said picture This is a picture taken on the way to Kham Chanod, which is like a normal photo.

But that makes the owner himself still have to come out and post this picture. with a haunting message because of her hair strange green light Appeared in the picture too which this light is very noticeable The person who posted this picture said:

“There are a lot of things going on here. I’m glad to be a foreign visitor here. I always get goosebumps. My head hurts. I’m excited. My heart is pounding all the time. It’s strange. Thank you so much P’ Wang for helping so many things and giving advice. To come here “Kham Chanod” @mor_vang Enough of all the goosebumps. It’s really beautiful and peaceful as the rumor says. #No Filter Camera Plan.”

Instagram photo: gggubgib36

After this post was spread Many netizens have expressed their opinions. Some people see it as a green half-face. Look at it and look very goosebumps.


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