Guernsey Farmer Grows Massive 9 Kilogram Onion, Competes for World Record

Record-Breaking Onion at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

Gareth Griffin, a farmer from Guernsey, England, has made headlines with his astonishingly large onion showcased at the Autumn Flora Show in Harrogate, England. Weighing a staggering 19.77 pounds (approximately 8.9 kilograms), this colossal vegetable is believed to be a strong contender for the world record title.

The previous record, held by Tony Glover’s onion exhibited at the same flower show in 2014, weighed 18.68 pounds (around 8.4 kilograms). Although Gareth’s onion surpasses this weight, confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records is yet to be obtained before declaring an official victory.

The breathtaking size and shape of Gareth’s onion have garnered much attention and admiration from the public. Its massive proportions dwarf regular onions and make it a star attraction at the show.

While the official certification is pending, the anticipation and excitement continue to build. Will Gareth’s onion claim the world record title? Only time will tell. Nonetheless, this unique agricultural achievement has captivated the hearts of many, leaving everyone eager for the final verdict.

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(Image credit by harrogate flower show / instagram) onion weighs almost 9 kilos!!!

I do not know. ‘look after’ How are they?

get it ‘huge’ This size?

One onion weighs almost 9 kilograms!!!

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From the news it is said that These are onions from my farm. Gareth Griffin Farmers in Guernsey, England

which came ‘star’ At the Autumn Flora Show in Harrogate, England.

Its size and shape is larger than normal onions and weighs up to 19.77 pounds or a railway 8.9 kg

Organizers of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show say Gareth’s idea can

Tony Glover’s onion beat which appeared at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in 2014.

which has weight 18.68 pounds or 8.4 kg and holds the world record

But Gareth’s onions It is believed that he can compete for the championship title from Tony

However, inspection and certification by the Guinness Book of Records must be awaited first.

Even if you don’t get the world record.

Well ‘get my heart’Everyone else is gone.

But who will it be?‘ate’ Is that something?


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