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Words such as “guidelines”, “standard treatment” and “evidence” that doctors occasionally use may not be correctly communicated to the public. He explained three words that tend to be misunderstood depending on the commonly used Japanese meaning, what kind of misunderstanding is possible, and what to add to convey the correct meaning. Please take a look.

◆ Content
0:40 ~ This is a quick question!
1:52 ~Presenting “Guidelines for Communicating Medical Research in an Easy-to-Understand Way”
2:42 ~ Guidance, standard treatment, evidence, and public understanding
4:00 – “Guidelines”
5:47~ Ingenuity paraphrasing
6:07 ~ 「Standard Treatment」
7:52 ~ Ingenuity paraphrasing
8:09 ~ “Evidence”
9:36 ~ Ingenuity paraphrasing
10:35~ Summary of the points

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Offer guidelines for disseminating medical research results in an easy to understand manner

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