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GULF’s 65-year revenue target of 60% growth from COD – New projects – Realized GSRC – INTUCH profit, pushing Renewable ratio : InfoQuest

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Ms. Yupapin Wangwiwat, Chief Financial Officer of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF), revealed that the company has set a revenue target for 65 to grow 60% from this year. It will come from a new commercial power distribution (COD) project consisting of a natural gas power plant (IPP) with a total capacity of 1,325 megawatts.

Which is scheduled for COD, the 3rd production unit with a capacity of 662.5 MW on April 31, 65 and the 4th production unit with a capacity of 662.5 MW on October 1, 65, as well as gradually COD of solar holes Solar Rooftop, about 90 megawatts

It is also the year that the company Able to recognize revenues and profits of Sriracha Power Plant (GSRC) Units 1 and 2 with a total capacity of 1,325 megawatts for a full year, and will recognize a share of profit from investment in the DIPWP project, Oman Phase 1 power Production of 40 MW (49% stake in the company) and realized a full share of profit from investment in Intouch Holdings Plc. (INTUCH) (the company holds 42.25%). same year

Ms. Yupapin also said that the company is still studying renewable energy projects (Renewable) in Thailand, Vietnam, Europe or Asia, which if there is a clear investment, it will be another factor that will come into the future. The company plans to increase the proportion of revenue from renewable energy. whether it is a solar farm Solar rooftop, wind, biomass and water (Hydro) to more than 30% in 73 from 7-10% currently.

At the same time, the company Set a total investment budget for the next 10 years (65-74) at 74,000 million baht to support the implementation of existing projects. Excluding acquisitions or M&A, divided into Renewable businesses, approximately 62% or totaling 46 billion baht, including Mekong wind power projects in Vietnam, Gulf1 projects and Hydropower projects

Gas-fired Power Generation business, approximately 23%, amounting to 17 billion baht, supports the GSRC & GPD project, Hin Kong Power, Burapa Power and the DIPWP project in Oman. 15%, amounting to 11 billion baht, will be used in the infrastructure business. (Infrastructure) in Map Ta Phut Port Project Phase 3, Laem Chabang Port Development Project Phase 3 (MTP3) and Motorway Project Between the city lines M6 and M 81

The source of investment will come from the Company’s cash flow. and loans from financial institutions including issuing debentures It is expected to issue debentures in the amount of approximately 20 billion baht in the beginning of the year 20 to repay loans for INTUCH shares and support business expansion.

However, if dividing only the year 65, the company has set an investment budget of 10,000 million baht (excluding M&A) to support the implementation of existing projects, while the current M&A is under negotiation in many projects. investment value 10,000-30,000 million baht, expected to be clear in 1Q12

Ms. Yupapin said that as for joining hands with Singtel to jointly study the data center business in Thailand, it is expected that there will be more clarity in details during the first quarter of 2016 and in the future there may be AIS joining. Come join the business

The outlook for 4Q21 performance is expected to continue to grow. From the Sriracha Power Plant Project (GSRC) Unit 2 with a capacity of 662.5 megawatts, which has commenced COD on Oct. 1, the Mekong Wind Power Plant in Vietnam, Phase 1 with a capacity of 30 megawatts. COD is scheduled for 4Q21, DIPWP gas power plant in Oman Phase 1 with a capacity of 40 MW will be COD in December. and solar rooftop projects (Gulf1 projects), with a capacity of 10 MW, will be able to COD in 4Q21. germany will be during the high season because the wind is quite strong As a result, the production capacity is higher than the previous quarter. And it is expected that the demand for electricity will return more. after opening the country

The Company will recognize the share of profit from investment in INTUCH in 4Q21 as well and will sign a PPP Laem Chabang Phase 3 contract with the Port of Thailand. Tomorrow (25 Nov. 64), after which the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) will be the operator of the sea reclamation. Expected to take two years, it will start operating Terminal F1 in 68 and Terminal F2 in 72.

In addition, the Pakbeng Hydroelectric Power Project with a capacity of 91 MW and the Pak Lai project with a capacity of 770 MW in Laos are expected to sign an MOU Tariff with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in this Dec. However, the company then study to invest in power plant projects from 3-5 additional dams

By InfoQuest News Agency (24 Nov 64)

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