Gun Naphat has been in a relationship with a famous heroine for 7 years from her heart to leave Marie, but still wants to be friends.

which Sani Nipaporn Asked about love with a famous female heroine. Thisa Waritthisa In which the young man revealed to him about the love in the past that was rarely revealed.

I’ve been in a relationship for the longest 7 years, it was my idea in the past. I come from the house of the star To be with someone there will be fear. Coming from a house with a fan club I’m afraid that if one day we have a girlfriend, dating someone, he probably won’t like it, but we don’t know. In the past, we had no experience in living in the industry. scared over there When you love someone, do they stop following them?

So we talked and agreed that we didn’t reveal it or not. It was an agreement for both parties. In the past, when going to the movies, one person at a time, I went in first and left the ticket for the child to give to the other person. and he followed After watching, I leave first. and meet in the car back together After breaking up with Thisa came to meet someone outside the industry before someone

Why did Marie choose to open?

At first we talked because I’m not used to opening Then talk to Marie about how we can take it. I’ve been like this have a deep fear But he is another. He is the one who reveals his love to the world. and share in the middle

when we agreed to open I was very excited about what it would be like then. He said that he waited for the drama to be on air a bit. Let there be a trend of the twins who have support to continue to cheer us on

He agreed to meet each other halfway. When the drama is on, people like it, but the chance to meet people doesn’t believe because I’m Thai. He’s half-breed. It’s very different. until people start to see that there is chemistry So he announced

After the announcement, I posted it on Facebook asking permission from the fan club. Then everyone came to comment to congratulate. Never felt it before, it was so clear, and then we started doing this and that together. It has a swell feeling. I’ve never experienced this feeling before.

which Marie opened up the world to me Because I’m a person who doesn’t have many friends. have very few friends Socializing is difficult because I don’t drink or smoke. but can sit

He and I are at each other’s poles. But he tried to balance me. Adjust until you find the middle until you find it. it’s very good to me and gave me the confidence to work in the industry a lot

a person with few friends When he disappears, it’s like another lost friend. Is it back to being a person with a private world as usual?

It’s back to being the same Long prayers every day meditate every day The break-up period doesn’t stop just the two of us because the world knows. The person we encountered the most was us.

There is also a question, is it the life you want? 10 years of working in the industry. I want to work for people to see. I want to sing, play plays, but that doesn’t happen. People don’t talk about it.

At that time, there were thousands of insulting comments. heavy twitter episode I lived with it for a while and realized I couldn’t really live with it. because I care about everything in this world Care even for those who don’t love us. care for unknown people Care why I don’t know read too hard You insult us like this?

Even when we were dating People say they’re cute But one day we broke up. why is this How bad are we? Cut to part of the clip that we’re looking down on to show that Marie should have ended up with this guy. So it’s as you see.

The news that came out to reporters to ask questions. I’m not good at speaking. I don’t know how to answer questions. Maybe talking slowly There wasn’t even a word he wanted to hear.

when with Marie My sister taught me. He is very good. He has experience in the industry. He also said that something dear, it should not be answered. You don’t need to let him know, he’ll teach you, I got him.

break up date He’s not here to teach, what to do?

we can’t say anything Even though everyone doesn’t know that we are dating 2 people, maybe breaking up is not that one person is bad. But it’s more than that. When we think about the future, we decide today is better. Better than having him regret it at his older age. causing him to lose the opportunity to meet other people

Because I know that some problems are too difficult to live together. Sometimes it’s not just love He didn’t do anything wrong that he did this. There are some things that can’t go with us. We weren’t wrong to think this way. different people are not wrong But they just don’t fit each other.

Do you still want to be friends with him?

I want to be very Want to go out on his list? We didn’t dare to go. We wanted to go. I knew he hated me. But I don’t want people to hate me. At first I was going to be the bad guy in this show. But in the end, I sat and drenched in tears on the show. What is this?


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