Gundogan urges Manchester City to book the Champions League trophy

At this point, it must be deleted. Ilkay Gundogan team captain Manchester City Declare that their team wants a championship. UEFA Champions League Another show to make the end of the season special. It’s a historic year for Blue Yachts. after checking the previous 2 thousand championships

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have won the Premier League for the third consecutive year and won the first trophy. By guaranteeing the trophy before the end of the program for 3 games, then last weekend they beat Manchester United 2-1 to win the FA Cup before this weekend, Saturday June 10. Playing the Champions League final against Inter Milan in Istanbul, Turkey.

Manchester City are still considered much better than their rivals Inter when compared to their performance in the league matches. Where the Python team enters the sign, only 3rd in Serie A, Serie A, only losing 12 games too

“What we’ve achieved in recent months It’s incredible,” said the two-goal haul against Manchester United at Wembley, “and of course we’ve won two trophies already.”

“But we know we need one more title (CHP) than all other competitions and that’s our ultimate goal. In the Premier League we have been chasing Arsenal for a long time. That made us used to fighting game by game. win game after game And do this over and over every week.”

“It’s the same with the FA Cup and the Champions League and so far. We don’t have time to think much. When we have games to play every 3-4 days and all we need is one thing. is to win the game in front of them.”

City will become only the second English team after Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United completed a historic treble in 1999 if they can beat Inter Milan.


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