Guns N’ Roses Concert, Once is Not Enough by Anusorn Satirat

I believe that many people still remember the events of February 28, 2017 at SCG Stadium well because that day, the fans Guns N’ Roses Twenty thousand people gathered there, where GN’R performed their first concert in Thailand, the tour titled Not in This Lifetime Tour Launching since 2016 in North America and become a world later tour Their 2017 tour schedule includes several Asian countries. Of course, Thailand is also one of the goals. Even though it’s been more than 5 years, the greatness of seeing a world-class rock band is like it just happened a few months ago. As for those who missed this concert, they probably won’t be able to see them in Bangkok again in this lifetime.

After announcing the cancellation of the show in Glasgow, Scotland at the beginning of July ago. They added the name Bangkok. Also included in this year’s tour schedule, on November 9, then fly to Singapore to play on Day 12 at the National Stadium, and then to Australia and New Zealand. It’s good news for fans. Unfortunately they missed their first concert in 2017. This time will not be missed. As for the bloody fans who were absorbed from the first concert, they wouldn’t let this opportunity be missed either.

The members of the band besides the core like Axl Rose (vol) Slash (g) Duff McKagan (b) Then back-up musicians are probably not out of the loop. Dizzy Reed (key) Richard Fortus (g) Frank Ferrer (dr) Melissa Reese (key) same as before Because this team plays together really well. They perfected GN’R’s live stage and rocked it as one of the world’s most exciting live rock bands.

As for the promotional posters for this concert, focusing on the concept is similar to the first time 5 years ago, emphasizing the identity of Thai rock music and the band’s identity. Guns and roses held in harmony and cohesiveness. Poster for the 2017 concert is great, 2022 is even better, all parts are perfect. until I really want an A1 size sheet to hang on the wall of the room.

Again, they play at the SCG Stadium (the same place it was first played) on November 9 at 8pm. as vast as a stadium same level as Bon Jovi and Red Hot Chili Peppers who used to play at our house

concert Guns N’ Rose Live in Bangkok This 2nd time is organized by IMC Live Global. Concert tickets are the highest price is 7,000 baht, followed by 6,500 6,000 5,500 (standing tickets) 5,000 and 4,000 (sitting tickets). Tickets can be purchased at Available from July 28 onwards, fans can’t miss it.

Guns N' Rose Live in Bangkok 2022

Set List that is expected to be played in Thailand, taken samples from the live in Portugal

Set List Oeiras, Portugal, 6/04/22

01 It’s So Easy

02 Mr. Brownstone

03 Chinese Democracy

04 Slither

05 Double Talkin’ Jive

06 Welcome to the Jungle

07 Better

08 Coma

09 Reckless Life

10 Estranged

11 Shadow of Your Love

12 Walk All Over You

13 Live and Let Die

14 You Could Be Mine

15 Hard Skool

16 Absurd

17 Civil War

18 Sweet Child O’ Mine

19 Rocket Queen

20 I Wanna Be Your Dog

21 November Rain

22 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

23 Nightrain


24 Patience

25 You’re Crazy

26 Paradise City

Although no new album has been released in the past ten years. since the album Chinese Democracy In 2008, many people might wonder if the song played at the concert was a repeat of the previous one. Not exactly the same, of course, because they still have a secret weapon as a cover song as always. “Back in Black” come to play in many shows and “I Wanna Be Your Dog” of The Stooges or even music “Wichita Lineman” at Jimmy Webb composed and sung until popular by Glen Campbell About 50 years ago came to play. As of Nov 9, there may be other covers. Come and play with us. Please look forward to it with great enthusiasm.


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