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2023-03-22 14:28

This World Sleep Day, singer Li Jian said he listens to Guo Degang’s cross talk to help him fall asleep. Some netizens previously said that listening to Guo Degang and Yu Qian for insomnia is more effective than ASMR. On the audio sharing platform Himalaya, millions of people listen to cross-talk to help them sleep every day, and Guo Degang’s Deyun Society and Sleeping Sleeping Edition albums have a total play volume of more than one billion.



It is already an old topic that celebrities from all walks of life listen to Guo Degang’s cross talk to help them sleep. Shen Mengchen, Wu Jing, Gao Yuanyuan and other stars all expressed in the show that they listened to Guo Degang and the Deyun Society cross talk to decompress and fall asleep. User Himalayan left a message in the “Deyunshe Crosstalk Collection” (365 days high-definition sleep companion version): “Deyunshe has become a habit of falling asleep, and you can’t stop it. Once you go to into a long way Deyun, you will never miss him for life.” There are also friends who have slept together for more than 427.4 hours, and I don’t know how many times I’ve cycled.

Cross-talking to help sleep has won the sympathy of many netizens. The cross-talking actors bring the public through the amount of work, burdens, hanging, and ditties: top, laugh, relaxation, and companionship, making cross-talking “hypnotic” and “sleeping”. special effects.


Himalaya’s big data shows that users listen across talk between 0-4pm, with 22-2pm being the peak listening time period. The keyword “sleep aid” was selected as the top five search words at night, among which “crosstalk” accounted for 70% of sleep aid searches, and “Guo Degang” accounted for 31%. Listening to cross talk at night, helping sleep and accompanying sleep through cross talk has become a way of life for young urban users, allowing people to relax and rest in their busy lives.

On March 21st, the Himalayan speed will be updated, and the classic crosstalk and new products will be used to provide the benefits of a sleeping companion. Famous crosstalk speaker Guo Degang Yu Qian flew to the Himalayas, and appeared on the new audio talk show “Guo Lun 4·Human Way” and “Medest Way 3·Human Relaxation”; “cross talk” by Fang Qingping. Running until April 21st, Ma Lisan, Han Zhanjun, Miao Fu, Wang Sheng, Liu Ji and other cross-talking stars will start broadcasting in audio form in Himalaya.


As the saying goes, “Listen to cross talk, go to the Himalayas” Himalayan cross talk is reported to have accumulated more than 70,000 albums of cross talk content from famous artists and actors, and the total playback volume will back in 2022 increasing by almost ten times compared to 2019.

Over the next month, listening to cross-talk, there are three main things to watch in the Himalayas:

Highlight 1, continue the story: Guo Degang’s new “Guo Lun 4” continues the fun and funny style of “Guo Lun”, using Beijing-style gag humor to see the big from the small, telling stories about unofficial history, strange stories , and strange careers. Professor Guo uses voice sharing to let the audience have the opportunity to transform their thinking and find happiness when facing the pressure of reality. Yu Qian talked about eating, drinking, and having fun in “Medest Way 3: Relaxation in the World”, and shared his worldly knowledge and life philosophy with urban users in a relaxed and leisurely tone. Eating, drinking and having fun with Uncle Qian’er will naturally build confidence in life.

Aspect 2, a unique sleeping companion:Himalaya Crosstalk has produced a batch of “Sleeping Edition” crosstalk albums especially for night listening users, such as “Deyun Society Crosstalk Collection | 365 Days HD Sleeping Edition”, “Deyun Society Crosstalk | Sleeping without aria”, “Guo Degang Super Clear Classic Crosstalk Collection | In the company of Sleeping Edition”, this batch of albums removes the arias by technical means to avoid the sudden appearance of loud melodies that wake users up. Himalayan cross talk specially labels cross talk albums with “sleep” and “sleep aid” from 8:00 pm to early morning, so that Himalayan listeners can search for cross talk sleep aid albums and fall asleep listening to cross talk Members of this batch of free albums, even non-members, are just like the album introduction: “Unique authentic sound quality, very high definition, you can enjoy a hearty auditory feast for the price of a cup of coffee.”

Aspect 3, new speed:In order to meet the needs of cross-talk lovers who want to go to small offline theaters of various clubs to watch performances, Himalayan cross-talk will be updated in real time within 24 hours, updating the offline performances of Deyun Xiaoyuanzi Club in the form of long sound, and bring freshly released classics Bags, hanging on the spot, and traditional ditties are collected in “Deyun Society 2022 Xiaoyuanzi Crosstalk Collection”. Audiences can hear the great cross talk live at the Deyun Club without catching a plane or taking an express train. The album has been online for a year and has received more than 6.92 million listeners. Users can experience the behavior of cross-talking actors from the Deyun Society at home, on the commute, in the gym, and on the “Sound Pro” scene without leaving home.

Himalayan cross talk has insight into the voice of users, “I can’t fall asleep with too many worries, listen to some cross-talk and fall asleep with a smile.” From March 23 to 29, listen to the Himalayan cross chat album for free.

The burden and laughter on stage has accumulated ten years of hard work off stage. The art of crosstalk has lasted forever, bridged the obsessive-compulsive disorder of young people to sleep late, and cured the spiritual poverty of urban life, making sleepless nights and emo moments a place to rest in Himalayan crosstalk. .


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