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Guo Weichun and Yang Yongwei’s golden song awards are kept secret, and a burst of 5 minutes to become a teammate of God | Apple News | Apple Daily

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The Olympic weightlifting gold goddess Guo Machun and the silver judo male god Yang Yongwei appeared at the finale of the Golden Melody Awards ceremony last night, and they presented the Chinese album and the biggest album of the year with last year’s big winner Ah Bo. The audience was surprised and delighted. Ah Bang’s agent told Apple News that this was an ingenuity of the production unit. It was only a day before that he was notified that he would be on stage to present the award together, and the whole process would be kept confidential. However, Ah Boom visited Guo Weichun on the original TV program two years ago. A few days ago, he was connected with Yang Yongwei in China and Guangzhou. The tacit understanding was complete. In addition, there was not much time for the ceremony. It only took 5 minutes to complete the match in the background word.

Abang and Guo Yanchun have known each other for a long time. Under the guidance of Abang, Guo Yanchun seemed more at ease on the Golden Melody Awards last night, while Yang Yongwei was a bit shy. However, Abang’s agent revealed that three days before the award ceremony, Yang Yongwei was at that time. The shangzhongguang “entertainment e-generation” program is actually quite lively. The host Wu Jianheng also arranged for Ah Boom to call in. Yang Yongwei learned that he was the big winner of last year’s golden song. His eyes were wide and unbelievable. Yang Yongwei laughed and said that he knew Ah Boom had. After leaving a message in his community, Yang Yongwei finally greeted Ah Bao good morning in Japanese, which made Ah Bao very happy.

Until the day when Ah Boom called in and entered the radio station, she didn’t know that she would partner with Yang Yongwei to present the award. She believed that everything was God’s arrangement. During the process, the organizer also kept it secret, and only a few people knew about this bridge. Ah Boom also lamented that this epidemic has caused many variables in the ceremony, and the organizer is very hard.

Last night, Ah Bang was the guest of the opening performance. With aboriginal singing and dancing performances, colorful stage design, moving international music and art into Beiliu, and Ah Bang’s avant-garde style, they were all considered successful performances. Ah Bao shared his performance experience in the community: “”A group of people is better than a single person.” This concept was told by my mother, the wedding singer, and she did this every time. Gradually, my performances over the past few years I also started to try to do the same thing.”

After performing at the Universiade, she began to know the different ways of performing on the big stage and the small and medium stage, and slowly found a way to adapt and feel comfortable. “Seeing some young people who have the desire to perform or like to perform, share the stage if possible. , Because I know that they only need to act on a big stage once, and then they will not be afraid of bigger ones. They know how to manage, how to cooperate with a large work team, and learn to get along with waiting.”

She believes that the ups and downs of the singing career are normal, but if you have the opportunity to stand on a good stage, you will definitely continue to share with the talented people around you, and you will always see powerful people standing there. Thank you Yuanhuo RO Chuan, Xiaoma, and the Ministry of Culture for your support. The performance tonight is a valuable experience. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for giving these talents a chance to verify their abilities and plant the seeds of confidence. “

The agent revealed that the white ruffled suit top that Ah Boom performed yesterday was designed by Robert Wun. After several days of rehearsal, she was also tired. Today, she just wants to take a good rest. (Li Zhizhan/Taipei Report)


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