Guo Xiaodong’s new film “Fortress” as the villain gives rival actor Li Yitong Chen Douling goosebumps_Film Festival_Han Ke_Suspense

Original title: Guo Xiaodong’s new film “Fortress” as the villain gives goosebumps rival actor Li Yitong Chen Douling

Sohu Entertainment News (Hamai / Wen Mason / Tu Yuanhui / Video) On the evening of August 12, the 12th Beijing International Film Festival opened. Guo Xiaodong, Chen Douling, Li Yitong and others attended the opening red carpet to promote the new movie “fortress”. “.

According to director Han Keyi, “Fortress” is a revolutionary historical film with elements of espionage, suppression, and war. It has already been screened, and the audience feedback has been very good. Guo Xiaodong said that this is a film with a special temperament, “It will be very different from the films of this period of spy wars that we have seen. It is realistic, suspicious and human.”

In this film, Guo Xiaodong, who has always played a good person, played a villain. The director Han Keyi said that it was because there was really no villain in the group. Guo Xiaodong said that I am a member of the party, so i will come Guo Xiaodong frankly said that playing the role of the villain felt quite different, he humbly said that his role is mainly supported by Chen Douling and Li Yitong.

When playing with Guo Xiaodong, Li Yitong said that she got goosebumps in the first scene. This was the first time for Guo Xiaodong to play the villain, which was very different. Chen Douling was Guo Xiaodong’s opponent on the first day of acting. She said that she felt an invisible sense of oppression, “I didn’t look at each other, Mr. Guo’s eyes were like knives behind my back, just kill me.”Return to Sohu, see more


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