Guofen is also angry! iPhone “1 function” hasn’t changed for many years: it’s super basic | Technology | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

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It’s now the norm to have a single iPhone, and the unique iOS system of mobile phones has many diehard fans, but the only feature that is the most inconvenient has been complained by users that Apple has not improved over the years, that is, ” Mobile phone sharing hotspot”.

A netizen posted on PTT said, “Since iPhoneX, no Apple machine hotspot is normal. It is often disconnected, incompatible, etc., even the hardware of its own system is sometimes not connected, and how long does the basic Android setting stop? The line is constantly on line. The iPhone has not yet existed. Last year Apple promised that their hotspots did have problems and would make corrections, but they have not disappeared until now. Is Apple planning to abandon the use of hotspots?”

▲The iPhone’s mobile phone sharing hotspot has always had a disconnection problem, which puzzled Guo fans. (Photo/Schematic/Photographed by reporter Gu Ting)

After the PO article was published, it also caused a lot of heated discussions among netizens. They shared the same feelings: “It turned out to be a universal problem… The iPhone 5 has hot issues, and it is passed down in the same vein. It is almost thought that this is a characteristic feature of the iPhone.”


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