Guri City’s ’30th World AIDS Day’ Commemorative Campaign

‘Prejudice against AIDS will lead to success in prevention projects’ slogan ‘Actively promote prevention rules’

(Photo courtesy of Guri City) AIDS Prevention Campaign

[구리=글로벌뉴스통신] Guri City (Mayor Baek Gyeong-hyeon) celebrated the 30th World AIDS Day at Guri Station on the 1st and held a campaign to spread accurate information about AIDS under the theme ‘Stopping prejudice against AIDS will succeed in prevention projects AIDS’.

On this day, with the participation of the Tentimom Volunteer Group, carefully prepared prevention promotional materials for the citizens who participated in the panel exhibition to spread correct information about AIDS, a Question and Answer corner to hide misunderstandings and truths about AIDS , and stickers to raise awareness of AIDS.

World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. It was enacted with the adoption of the London Declaration, which emphasized the exchange of information, the promotion of education, and respect for human rights.

This campaign was carried out with the will to receive social acceptance that effective treatment and prevention is only possible by overcoming blind prejudice against AIDS.

According to the public health centre, it is known that 97% of AIDS infection is through sexual contact, and as common symptoms such as colds and body aches appear in the early stages of infection, it is not possible to confirm AIDS infection through symptoms in lonely Therefore, it is important to have a test ‘after 12 weeks’ if there is suspicious activity that could lead to infection.

Tests are available in all hospitals, clinics and public health centres. In particular, public health centers carry out free anonymous tests and fully support early detection and appropriate treatment to reduce the burden on patients when they have diagnosed with AIDS.

Lee Byeong-gil, director of the public health center, said, “AIDS is one of the diseases that can be easily prevented if it is properly understood, and it is important to change awareness to show understanding and warm interest in infected people . I will try to accept it,” he said.

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