Guru suggests a new step, “Thai MICE”, pointing out that APEC 2022 will pin Thailand on the world map. “Inter meeting”

Mr.Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayutthaya directorThailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB Open perspectives in a special discussion on the topic “New Chapter of Thailand MICE” On the occasion of the National Convention and Exhibition (MICE Day) recently, after the government’s announcement of relaxation of immigration, the Test & Go system canceled, effective from May 1, 2022, it is expected that foreign travelers will more nations TCEB sees thatchanging needs and behaviors of consumersinthe latterCOVID-19 It is one of the most important things to consider when driving.Thai MICE Industryto the future

From the study of research in foreign countries about the changing consumer demand trends inNew Normal Era It was found that what consumers expect can be divided into 5 types as follows:

1. Phygital (Physical + Digital) Expectations of exhibitors wishing to link the two on-site and online events.

2. A Safe Space Higher safety and hygiene expectations throughout the event Because despite the easing of measures, people are still worried about the return of the epidemic.

3. Embedded Wellness Expectation for entrepreneurs to pay attention and be aware of the physical and mental health of the participants as the main

4. Omnibility Participants’ expectations of equality The operator should design with the concept of civilization, such as a place that is convenient for wheelchair users.

5. Brand Butlers The expectation of a more personal and better experience from understanding problems arising from attendance or use of services in the past

“These are future trends that the MICE industry must focus on and accelerate its development. to accommodate the needs of organizers and MICE travelers.”

Currently in foreign countries, there areapplication or innovationNew to help manage travel Airline reservations, hotel reservations or assistance to special needs groups such as people with disabilities, etc., as well as facilitating online care for travelers based on more individualized needs. already

In Thailand, there has beenstartupwho are developing these innovations to support as well This will increase your competitiveness. impress and encouraged to choose Thailand as a destination

Mr. sideThani Saengrat Director GeneralDepartment of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that MICE is an important industry of the country and APEC isImportant forum for organizing meetings As Thailand hosts the event in November 2022, there will be more than 60 committees and working groups meetings with over 20,000 attendees. important for commerce, industry, trade, investment, including parallel meetings of the business sector, along witheconomic leaders meetingboth 21 economic zones which is planned to hold meetings throughout the year in accordance with the policy of opening the country and distributing meeting venues in different regions

“APEC 2022 is the first physical meeting since the coronavirus has eased. This event will be the focus that put Thailand on the world map. And it comes on the radar screens of countries around the world, with economic zones collectively accounting for half of the world’s GDP.”

Director-General of the Department of Information went on to say that Thailand’s hosting of the APEC Summit aims to drive the APEC region to create an open, connected, and sustainable post-Covid-19 Asia-Pacific region based on the concept of the BCG Economy Model. Promote trade, investment, as well as communicate to target groups to see potential and business opportunities in this trip to Thailand.

Mr.Donchai Bunyaratwet Thai MICE branding specialist and image planner said that in order to bring Thai MICE into a new, bigger and more sustainable step, The brand strategy must be clearly laid out from the start. which prior to the creation of a strategy Thailand MICE brand for international markets “THAILAND MICE: Meet the Magic” There has been a study of the expectations of the target group. It was found that consumers in the new normal era have three things to expect from MICE Thailand: reliability. (Trustworthy), sincerity and Thainess (Authenticity)

Therefore, to create a brand of MICE Thailand to make it clear in the feelings of foreign travelers. There must be an uplift in the existing value. and make Thailand a world-class MICE destination which must consist of their own outstanding values and values ​​that are well-liked by the target group MICE Thailand has the value of being a very good collaborator with a wide range of talents and resources. and the flexibility of Thai operations that can be coordinated with the needs of MICE travelers from various businesses. and pass on the value that is pleasing to the partners Foreign MICE travelers who come in can create a different charm for their own business in Thailand. which cannot be found anywhere else

In addition, Thailand has bothSoft Power not only about culture, food, art, etc., but also the natural character of Thai people andHard Power including good infrastructure with standards logistics system Modern technology, etc. that blend together in balance in Thailand. This makes it possible to create unique works that meet the needs of MICE travelers in each business. which is the charm of Thailand I believe this is a new step for MICE Thailand. in alliance Amaze your business through a combination of ideas. Able to create various forms of MICE activities to have endless magic. It is our unique charm which can only be found in Thailand.

In this regard, Mr. Chiruit concluded that “TCEB plans brand communication for the Thai MICE industry for the international market. which will be launched for the first time at IMEX Frankfurt 2022 on May 31, will reach the number of recognition of the international target audience of 25 million people to fully stimulate the international market. Responding to the opening of the government Currently, the number of MICE travelers in the first 2 quarters is in line with the target, which is a total of 2.3 million MICE travelers in the country, accounting for 7,598 million baht in revenue.

and during the last two quarters of the year It is estimated that there will be about 130,000 foreign MICE travelers, total number of Thai and foreign MICE travelers totaling 6,130,000, representing a revenue of 28.4 billion baht, which will be in line with the 65-year target set at the level. Best Case


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