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Guterres at the opening of the UN Water Conference: Water resources are in trouble

On March 22, local time, the United Nations Water Conference opened In his opening speech, the Secretary General of the United Nations Guterres said, “Water resources are facing numerous problems.”

Guterres said that through excessive drinking, unsustainable consumption and global warming, humans are accelerating the use of water resources, which is the “breath of human life”.

Guterres proposed strengthening the use of water resources in four aspects: reducing the gap in water resource management, investing in large-scale water conservation and sanitation systems, strengthening building resilience, and tackling climate change.

Guterres emphasized that he hopes that the member states of the United Nations and the international community will strengthen actions on water resources, draw up the “Water Action Agenda”, and use this to promote world peace and cooperation.

The United Nations Water Conference continued from the 22nd to the 24th. It is officially called the “Mid-Term Comprehensive Review Conference on the Implementation of the United Nations Decade of Action on Water and Sanitation (2018-2028) in 2023”. A threshold moment for stakeholders to take action and successfully address issues on a global scale.

This session will lead to the Water Action Agenda, which will cover and track progress on all water-related voluntary commitments. The Agenda aims to encourage Member States, stakeholders and the private sector to commit to urgent action to tackle today’s water challenges.

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